A Bear for All Seasons (Hardcover)
by Diane Marcial Fuchs; illustrated by Kathryn Brown. Holt, 1995.
ISBN:9780805021394. pp: 32. Ages: 5-7, gr: k-2



As Bear is settling down to begin his long winter nap, he is awakened by his friend, Fox. Fox’s comment, "Don’t you just hate winter?" prompts memories of the things to like, and not like, about the seasons.


  1. Choose one season. Use pictures or words to list what you like about the season. Draw a circle around anything on your list that Bear or Fox also talked about.

  2. Make a " + / -" chart. Draw a line down the center of a sheet of paper. Put a plus sign on the left at the top of the page. Put a minus sign on the right at the top of the page. List what Bear and Fox liked about each of the seasons under the + . List what Bear and Fox didn’t like about each of the seasons under the - .

  3. Make a "Seasons-Senses" chart. Fill in the chart by listing what Bear and Fox remembered seeing - hearing - tasting - smelling - touching in each of the seasons.

  4. Kathryn Brown used watercolor and colored-pencil for the illustrations. Use watercolors to make a picture of something you like about the season it is now. Then add details with colored pencils.

  5. Play the online game Zoe’s Silly Seasons.

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A Bear for All Seasons. Accelerated Reader: Quiz #970 EN; Book Level 2.0; Points= 0.5

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