Rosie’s Walk (Hardcover) by written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins. Simon & Schuster, 1968. ISBN: 0027458504. pp: 32. Ages: 4-6, gr: preschool-1
Paperback (original, now out-of-print) Aladdin, 1971. ISBN: 0020437501
Paperback (Stories to Go edition 2005) Aladdin. ISBN: 1416908358
Paperback (New edition, 2003) Red Fox MiniTreasure. ISBN: 0099456737
Rosie’s Walk Big Book. Scholastic, 1992



Rosie, the chicken, is going for a walk. She is oblivious to the fact that the fox is stalking her. Every time the fox is just about to pounce on Rosie, something happens to him, and he is deterred. Rosie makes it back home safely.


  1. The story is written is one sentence as the narrator tells us where Rosie walked. Make each phrase into a sentence using a different word for walked. For example, Rosie marched across the yard. Rosie ____ around the pond.

  2. Form groups of three. One student reads/tells what happened, while the second and third students role play the parts of Rosie and the fox.

  3. Brainstorm: What might have happened if Rosie had seen the fox behind her?

  4. Rewrite the story of Rosie’s Walk telling about what happened to the fox. Try to do it in one sentence, as Pat Hutchins did.

  5. Rewrite the story of Rosie’s Walk as a playground story. Use the beginning sentence, "Rosie the hen went out on the playground." Rosie went across, around, over, past, through, under; so use each of these words with something on the playground (for example, under the parallel bars). What would make a good ending?

  6. Make a list of other animals pictured on the farm with Rosie. Include insects.

  7. Artist Claude Monet painted a picture of a Haystack over 100 years ago. You can color your version of his painting either online or after printing it out.
    Look at pictures of haystacks painted by Monet.

  8. The state of Utah is nicknamed The Beehive State.
    • Find the beehive on the state flag.
    • Utah has a state insect - guess what it is. Check your guess.
    • The Utah state motto is "industry" Do you see "industry" on the flag? Look up the meaning of industry in Wordsmyth. Which meaning do you think the motto uses?
    • How are the state nickname, state insect, and state motto alike?
    Background for the teacher.
  9. If you happen to have a floor robot or floor turtle: reproduce Rosie’s environment on a large sheet of paper to lay on the floor. Children use positional language to program the robot to follow Rosie’s journey. No robot?, try a Rosie marionette or paperdoll.

About the Author

For the teacher: Pat Hutchins’ website focuses on the Titch series of books, now a TV series. You can find information about the author to paraphrase for children who are reading Rosie’s Walk.


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Rosie’s Walk. Accelerated Reader: Quiz #59439EN EN; Book Level 0.6; Points= 0.5
Book Adventure (Sylvan): Quiz Level 1.5
Reading Counts: Reading Level 1.5; Points= 1.0
Guided Reading Level F
word count= 32

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