A Single Shard (Hardcover) by Linda Sue Park. Clarion, 2001. ISBN: 978-0395978276. pp: 160. Ages: 10-14, gr: 4-8
Paperback (January 5, 2006) Oxford University Press ISBN: 978-0192719584. pp. 176
  1. Original Book Guide created by Katie Saunders and Dr Mary Berry

  2. Multnomah County Library discussion guide. booktalk, discussion questions, related books

  3. Teachers@Random Teachers Guide by Pat Scales. thematic & curricular activities, vocabulary, related resources

  4. Novelinks. activities for before, during and after reading

  5. Carol Hurst Guide. review & questions, activities, related books

  6. A Single Shard Webquest by Dr. Dana Moreau, designed for grade 7

  7. A Single Shard Webquest from Harborfields High School

  8. Barbara Swetits Pathfinder

  9. Study of Culture and Geography of Korea using the novel, A Single Shard (pdf)

  10. A Single Shard discussion questions and extension activities for various grade levels

  11. Literature Learning Ladders. links, activities, vocabulary

  12. Middle school lesson plans

  13. If Only Artifacts Could Talk lesson plan, designed for grade 5 (Word document)

  14. Lesson Plan on Korea using A Single Shard, designed for grade 7 (pdf)

  15. Suggestions for using A Single Shard in grades 4-7. cross-curricular integration

  16. Bookquest by Lisa Gonzalez for grades 4-6, cross-curricular activities (webquest format using print and nonprint resources)

  17. Activities developed for the William Allen White Award

  18. Tea Bowls art lesson, designed for grade 3 (four 45 minute class periods). Note: opportunity for team teaching with classroom teacher read-aloud of book and art teacher conducting lesson

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