Merry Bee Website Evaluation

In the following list, criteria are followed by negative and positive indicators.
Criteria are assumed to be present or not applicable for a good site. Deduct points if there is a clear lack or problem.
Bonus criteria are not required for a site to be good, but add to the effectiveness of the evaluated component.
The point weight given to a specific criteria varies when evaluating sites for different sections of the MerryBee site. For example: given a site that consists of online games, copyright and revision information are of lesser comparative importance when evaluating for general browsing or math.
     outstanding = 43, 42, 41.     excellent = 40, 39, 38.     good = 37, 36, 35. ok = 34, 33.

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Total adjusted from 10.

  • loads quickly
  • free: completely open
    • - one-time easy free registration
    • - registration requires teacher or parent email involvement
    • - - requires personal information
    • - fee-based or subscription, but lots of stuff is free
    • - - - fee-based or subscription, limited amount free (password assumed)
    • - continued use requires password
  • no advertising or as is appropriate for audience
    • - -overshadows content
    • - - -confuses navigation
  • clear directions for using the site (if necessary) / Help
    • - needs directions or Help, but is missing
    • - directions / Help is inadequate
  • pertinent use of technology features (graphics, sound, video, interactivity) for functionality and appeal

Bonus: alternative for disabled &/or older computer/monitor
Bonus: equired plug-ins or applications clearly identified
Bonus: exceptional example of a user friendly element

Total adjusted from 10.

  • overall impression as attractive, interesting, appealing
  • easy to navigate: natural flow between pages
    • few links required to get around
    • helpful navigation bars / index / site map
    • additional windows opened are obvious, inobtrusive, easily closed
  • easy to read design elements
    • font and size
    • color
    • use of white space (uncluttered)
    • placement of text
  • tables & charts are appropriate for audience
  • quality photos or illustrations
  • quality of sound
  • arrangement of navigational links is “artful”, pleasing, uncluttered
  • site is complete, not under construction or dead navigation links / labels

Bonus: consistent format throughout site
Bonus: page titles represent content
Bonus: exceptional example of a design element

Total adjusted from 10.

  • current: frequent update or as is appropriate to the material
  • appropriate match of level to intended audience
    • image vs text
    • reading level (skills required)
    • style (includes inverted pyramid)
    • conceptual level (includes vocabulary)
  • accurate / reliable / authoritative / authentic
  • amount of content is “robust”
  • bias-free or perspective explained
  • links to external sites are valid
    • working
    • correspond in content or purpose
    • correspond in level
    • are evaluated
  • free of spelling & grammatical errors

Bonus: especially useful content for audience ie something would want
Bonus: both original content and links
Bonus: clear & obvious indicators for new content
Bonus: provides instructional aides; show skills, lists objectives, standards alignment, assessment suggestions
Bonus: exceptional example of a content element

Total adjusted from 5.

  • well organized
    • logical categories
    • clearly labeled content
  • non-text items enhance or integral to, not detract from content
  • user interactivity enhance or integral to, not detract from content
    • ie purposeful
    • well explained
  • links lists are well organized conceptually

Bonus: searchable within site
Bonus: exceptional example of an organization element

Total adjusted from 5.

  • purpose for site is implied or evident: content, audience, grade level, limits
    • + purpose is documented
  • author info given not just webmaster
    • + author info “good” ie credentials or reputation of an organization
    • + provision for feedback or contacting author
  • copyright/date created
    • + permissions are conveniently given
  • revision information

Bonus: credited original sources for factual information &/or images
Bonus: sponsors identified
Bonus: exceptional example of a documentation element