Mery Bee Internet Sites for K-8 Health & Physical Education
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Activity Cards at
Cards (pages) for 31 activities from ballet to jump rope to yoga. Each card gives the equipment you need, how to play, and the personal story of a teen expert. Provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Topic: games & sports, grades 3-10

ADA Kids' Corner at
Interactive story about visiting the dentist and tooth care. Select to read with audio on or off. Requires Macromedia Flash. Provided by the American Dental Association. Topic: hygiene, grades preschool-2

Bandaids and Blackboards at
Created to help kids understand about illness, when the body "doesn't work right", and hospitals. Kids also have the opportunity to respond by writing to the author. Topic: wellness & disease, grades 2-5

Baseball at
Developed in relation to the PBS film by Ken Burns. Introduction to the game and its history. Lesson plans to integrate other curriculum subjects. Links under Resources. Menu across top that includes a Search button is for the entire PBS site, not just the Baseball site. Topic: games & sports, grades 6-10

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute at
Statistics on bicycle accidents, guide for selecting a helmet, mandatory helmet laws. Topic: safety, grades 2-8

BlueAnn's Wild & Woolly Web Site at
Sponsored by Arkansas Blue Cross. Sections giving tips for staying healthy and safe; music videos (requires RealPlayer); online and offline activities. Child is invited to send BlueAnn an e-mail telling her what (s)he is doing to stay healthy. Joining a free club requires parent or teacher sign-up, then child gets packet of activities through the mail. Topic: various health, grades k-4

Bullies to Buddies at
Eleven online lessons for anyone who is a victim of teasing or bullying. Teachers can go to the site homepage to access other resources offered by author Izzy Kalman. Topic: various health, grades 4-9

Cells Are Us at
Illustrated text explains how every body begins as a cell. Topic: human body, grades 3-6

Code Red Rover at
Students learn to recognize safety dangers around the home and yard by playing games. Use with sound on or off. Materials to download for lessons. Created by the Home Safety Council. Topic: safety, grades k-3

Colgate-Palmolive: Kid's World at
Facts and activities for oral hygiene. Topic: hygiene, grades preschool-3

Dole 5 A Day at
A reference center includes a comprehensive nutrition chart and the heart of the site - the fruit and vegetable encyclopedia. Games, activities, recipes, e-mail fruit & vegetable characters, music videos, and songs downloadable as MP3 files. Different sections will appeal to different age students but levels are not suggested. Some activities require Flash. Tip- there's more here than you might think at first glance; give the menus time to unfurl. Teacher resources and downloads at Topic: nutrition, grades k-8

Drugsrdumb at
Basic facts about drugs including tobacco and alcohol. Printable certificate. Red Ribbon Week ideas and links. Topic: drug education, grades 4-8

FEMA for Kids at
Information about disasters: causes, preparedness, preventing damages. Also games and stories. Complete the activities and get a certificate as a FEMA Disaster Action Kid. Topic: safety, grades k-5

Fire Safety Songs (and Poems Too) at
Original words set to familiar tunes. Includes suggestions for assessment. Topic: safety, grades k-2

Fitness at
Site for the USA Gymnastics Fitness Program, a program designed to teach children the importance of physical activity and to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Although the program kit has to be purchased, there are several printable handouts and activity pages online. Students would not use the site directly. Topic: fitness, grades 1-5

The Food Guide Pyramid at
Good explanation of the Food Guide Pyramid for kids (as revised 2005). Estimates of how much to eat in each food group is given for 4- to 8-year-olds and 9- to 13-year-old girls and boys. Topic: nutrition, grades 2-6

FoodSafety at
Directory of government sites that have lessons and activities related to food safety and health. Topic: safety; wellness & disease, grades 1-8

Freevibe at
Designed to deliver a drug abuse prevention message to kids in their early teens. Facts, drugs in the news, interviews, message board. Topic: drug education, grades 6-8

Germs, Germs, Everywhere! at
ThinkQuest Junior, 2000. Explains what germs are, where they are found, how they make us sick, and how they are also helpful. Topic: wellness & disease, grades 3-5

HealthAtoZ at
Although designed for the general public, this a good reference source for teachers because of the ability to search thousands of health and medical Internet resources selected by health care professionals.

Healthy Choices Just for Kids at
An activity kit of printable pages and links to similar sites with a variety of activities. Provided by the growers of Washington state apples. Topic: nutrition, grades preschool-5

Healthy Teeth at
Information on cavities, prevention, braces, oral health, dentist visit, effects of sugar and tobacco. Also classroom experiments and quiz. Produced by dentists. Topic: hygiene, grades 3-6

Human Anatomy Online at
Lots of illustrations, animations, interesting factoids, and both simple and detailed descriptions. Select from 10 systems: skeletal, digestive, muscular, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, male reproductive, female reproductive, urinary. Topic: human body, grades 5-8

Human Body Systems at
Suggested resources for students studying the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems of the human body. This site was created as a basis for an online project. A few class project submissions are posted. Topic: human body, grades 5-7

Hygiene Education at
Games and activities that teach the importance of good daily hygiene. Teacher section has teaching guides, scientific information and three levels of themed activity sheets. The teacher will need to thoroughly examine the site before introduction to students since navigation as a student can be tricky. Requires PDF reader and Flash plug-in. Topic: hygiene, grades 1-6

Idea Box: Game at
Directions for teacher to 92 games for the daycare or classroom. Includes both active and quiet games. Topic: games & sports, grades preschool-1

Infection Detection Protection at
Learn about microbes and the causes and prevention of infectious diseases. Articles and content games (some require Shockwave). Provided by the American Museum of Natural History. Topic: wellness & disease, grades 4-7

Inside and Out of the Human Body at
A project in which students research the nervous system, the circulatory system, the digestive system, and the respiratory system. Students then have the task of preparing a “museum” exhibit. The project information and directions are excellent, but links in the second and third columns of online resources are no longer valid. Use some of the other sites listed on this page of Merry Bee to find substitute websites as resources. grades 4-6

Kidd Safety at
Safety games and information mini-posters designed to help kids prevent risk of injuries from bikes, scooters, and various home products. Click on choices on the entry screen or click “Start” for the games menu. You'll probably want to turn the volume down on the monitor if you use this in a lab or classroom. Provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Topic: safety, grades 4-6

Kidnetic at
Designed for kids and their families to make healthy lifestyle choices. Games and articles about physical activity, the body, and eating right. How about creating a dance, and then doing it? Student and parent can exchange emails via the site. Topic: fitness, grades 4-6

Kids Food CyberClub at
Activities to encourage students to learn about the USDA Food Guide Pyramid: take a quiz, make a shopping list, send in a recipe, or get a booklist. Teachers can download lesson plans and link to other web sites related to nutrition. Topic: nutrition, grades 3-6

Kids Games at
Directions for hundreds of games; includes rules for playground games and rhymes for movement and jump-rope. Bee Tip: Don’t miss the link further down the page to a list of 250 games not in the categories. Topic: games, grades preschool-5

Kids Running at
Advice on training, health and nutrition; information on events and programs; links. Connections to writing and other offline activities. Teaching ideas. Topic: fitness, grades 1-5

Kids’ Health & Fitness at
Five coordinated class units designed to develop the understanding that good nutrition and physical activity lead to fitness. Flexible tasks can be adjusted to level and time. An Australian site. Topic: fitness, grades 2-6

KidsHealth at
Information and activities about diseases, feelings, fitness, nutrition, and the body. Original articles are written by experts and reviewed for accuracy and appropriateness of content and style to children. Searchable. Glossary. List of articles in Spanish. grades 3-6

Little League Online at
Official league site for baseball and softball with current news, history, tips, events. Topic: games & sports, grades 1-8

Mind Over Matter at
Created by the National Institute on Drug Abuse to teach children about drugs and their effects on human brains and bodies. Series of “magazines” for marijuana, opiates, inhalents, hallucinogens, anabolic steroids, stimulants, nicotine and methamphetamine. Teacher’s guide. Materials are public domain, thus may be reproduced. Topic: drug education, grades 5-9

MooMilk at
Facts, activities, recipes, virtual tour follows milk from cow to table (simplified). Ad banner below menu is not easily recognized as ads unrelated to the site. Topic: nutrition, grades 1-4

MyPyramid at
Colorful online activity designed to help kids understand food choices as they select items for a day's consumption. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture site based on the revised 2005 Food Pyramid. Supplementary materials for teachers: posters, worksheets, classroom aids, at
Topic: nutrition, grades 2-5

Neuroscience for Kids at
Information on the brain and nervous system. Three main sections: Explore (the Nervous System); Experiment (and Activities); Questions/Answers. Some parts available in languages in addition to English. Topic: human body, grades 3-8

NFL Rush at
Information to help students appreciate the game of football: positions and how to play them, gear, NFL players and statistics. Learn about options in youth programs. Play football related games. Topic: games & sports, grades 3-8

Non-Traditional Gymnastics at
Articles, lessons and activities for teaching movement and gymnastic concepts. Although the site is not currently maintained, the information is valid with only a few dead links..
Topic: fitness, grades k-5

Nutrition Cafe at
Three games help students learn about the nutrients in foods. Build a meal and get an analysis as each food item is added. Provided jointly by the Pacific Science Center and the Washington State Dairy Council. Topic: nutrition, grades 3-6

Nutrition Explorations at
Information including a tour of the Food Guide Pyramid; online games, and activities to do offline. Sections for k-6 teachers and for parents at Provided by the National Dairy Council. Topic: nutrition, grades 4-6

Otto Club at
Readalongs, singalongs and other online games for bicycle, street and travel safety. Lots of extra animations on pages to add interest. Provided by AAA. Topic: safety, grade preschool-2

Out On A Limb at
Narrated story segments develop concepts of conflict resolution through point-and-click interactions. Requires Shockwave. Click to switch to Spanish, Arabic, or to English. Teacher section with additional resources. Topic: various health, grade 3

PE Central at
Designed to provide the latest information about developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children and youth. Lesson plans, assessment and program ideas. Includes products, links, resources, and professional information. Good preschool section. Topic: teaching physical education, grades preschool-12

Personal Hygiene at
Brief illustrated articles targeted to “nearly teens”. The final topic is an online fill-in-the-blank activity that reviews the previous topics. Topic: hygiene, grades 4-6

Plastic Fork Diaries at
Lifestyle choices in everyday life. A lot to explore. Activities, forum, links, printable teacher guide. Topic: nutrition, grades 6-8

President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports at
The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports provides documents and tools for teachers to use in promoting fitness, but you will have to search through the site to identify them. Topic: fitness, grades k-12

Ready Kids at
U.S. Department of Homeland Security site involves kids in family preparedness for the unexpected emergency. Text and activities based on the three steps create a kit, make a plan, and know the facts. Pass the quiz to print out a certificate. Topic: safety, grades 3-6

Reconstructors Web Adventures at
Interactive game to explore the place of medicines in a society and promote the proper use of drugs. Five episodes, each designed to be played in a 20-minute segment; additional activities in a section for teachers. English or Spanish. Requires Flash. Topic: drug education, grades 5-8

Smileys Place at
Visiting the dentist, braces, parts of a tooth. Only the first read-along book is active in the Fun&Games section; Other Links are general and not related to health. Bee tip: Get k-6 ideas for Dental Health Month in February; some dead links. Topic: hygiene, grades k-6

Sparky the Fire Dog at
Learn about fire trucks and dalmatians. Involve the family in fun ways for safety at home. Read Sparky's story and e-mail him a question. Activities about fire safety, but also other areas of safety. Games for readers and nonreaders. Topic: safety, grades 1-4

Sports and Recreation Sites at
Selected links to official sites for many types of recreation; includes climbing, lacrosse, martial arts and ping pong. Topic: games & sports, grades 4 and up

Sports Illustrated for Kids Online at
Articles, interviews, sports news, fun. Topic: games & sports, grades 3-8

Sports/Games at
Directory of recreation organizations giving contact information and a link to the organization homepage (not to a children’s section within the site). Sixteen categories: Baseball, Basketball, Biking, Boxing, Football, Games/Fun, General sport organizations, Hockey, Horses. Interesting sports, Olympic, Racquet sports, Skating, Soccer, Special athletes, Water sports. The search box gives returns from the entire site, not limited to this section. Topic: games & sports, grades 5-8

Streetplay at
Games children and young adults play in city streets, some from around the world. Includes descriptions, printable rulesheets, stories, photos, Readers can contribute via wiki format. Pages can be very slow in loading. Topic: games & sports, grades 5-8

Teaching Health at
Created by a retired health teacher, includes PowerPoint presentations, projects, PDF files of handouts, and links. The author’s previous site at has additional materials for Teen Health 7 and Teen Health 8 compiled for courses at Old Orchard Jr High School in Skokie, Illinois. Topic: teaching health & PE, grades 7-8

Using Live Insects at
Complete lesson plans for twenty integrated mini-units that use live insects to teach health concepts in connection to other subjects. Correlations to science standards. Targeted grade k, 1, 2, or 3 for each unit. Spanish version also. Topic: teaching health topics, grades k-3

Virtual Body at
Virtual tour of the heart, digestive system, brain, skeleton with correlating activities. Begin by selecting English or Spanish. Side menu and search box are for the larger home site, not the Virtual Body section. Topic: human body, grades 4-8

Welltown at
Interactive segments show the student what (s)he can do to stay healthy and happy in the home, at school, and in various community settings. Topics covered in areas of safety, illness, fitness, and hygiene. Teacher section lists topics with suggestions for teaching. Topic: various health, grades k-2

What You Need to Know About Drugs at
Text description of what drugs are good and what drugs are harmful, what are illegal drugs and why are they illegal. The authors also explain why people may use these drugs and how to tell if someone is using them. Includes a glossary. The menu at the left is to the base site and not this one page section, but you can access this article in Spanish from this general menu. Topic: drug education, grades 4-8

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