Physical Education, Health, and Safety

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. = student can use site independently pres-k 1-3 4-6 6-8
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute grades 2 to 3 assisted grades 4 to 6 assisted grades 6 to 8 independent
Statistics on bicycle accidents, guide for selecting a helmet, mandatory helmet laws.
Code Red Rover grade k assisted grades 1 to 3 independent
Students learn to recognize safety dangers around the home and yard by playing games. Use with sound on or off. Materials to download for lessons. Created by the Home Safety Council.
FEMA for Kids grade k assisted grades 1 to 3 independent grades 4 to 5 independent
Information about disasters: causes, preparedness, preventing damages. Also games and stories. Complete the activities and get a certificate as a FEMA Disaster Action Kid.
Fire Safety Songs (and Poems Too) grade k assisted grades 1 to 2 assisted
Original words set to familiar tunes. Includes suggestions for assessment.

FoodSafety preschool k assisted grades 1 to 3 assissted grades 4 to 5 assisted
Directory of government sites that have lessons and activities related to food safety and health.
Kidd Safety grades 4 to 6 independent
Safety games and information mini-posters designed to help kids prevent risk of injuries from bikes, scooters, and various home products. Click on choices on the entry screen or click “Start” for the games menu. You'll probably want to turn the volume down on the monitor if you use this in a lab or classroom. Provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Otto Club preschool k independent grades 1 to 2 independent
Readalongs, singalongs and other online games for bicycle, street and travel safety. Lots of extra animations on pages to add interest. Provided by AAA.
Ready Kids grade 3 independent grades 4 to 6 independent
U.S. Department of Homeland Security site involves kids in family preparedness for the unexpected emergency. Text and activities based on the three steps create a kit, make a plan, and know the facts. Pass the quiz to print out a certificate.
Sparky the Fire Dog grades 1 to 3 independent grade 4 independent
Learn about fire trucks and dalmatians. Involve the family in fun ways for safety at home. Read Sparky's story and e-mail him a question. Activities about fire safety, but also other areas of safety. Games for readers and nonreaders.
Subject Chart

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