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In many localities, older students who are homeschooled register with the local school district to participate in a course at the public school. Districts are increasingly providing for enrollment in online courses to expand their course offerings. It will be interesting to see if homeschoolers can enroll in these online courses. The Keeping Pace with K - 12 Online Learning report shows that as of September 2007, 42 states have significant online learning programs. (summary at )

Subscription or Fee-based Sites

Apex Learning at
Online subscription courses in math, social studies, science, English, electives, and Advanced Placement. Original text and media content, links, activities, assessments. Includes courses formerly offered by Beyond Books. Home subscription from $225 to $350 per semester course. grades 6-12

BDG Online Courses at
Online units designed by Dr. Barbara Denny George on a variety of fun and educational topics. Course descriptions include the appropriate age range (some are family studies). Each course will be online for 30 days per session. Course fees are from $30 to $65. Ages 9-adult; younger than 9 as a family project.

COOLSchool at
Secondary courses are offered in the Arts, English, ESOL, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Health Education, Cyber Study Skills and Languages (American Sign Language, Latin). Also offers a Credit-Recovery program of 6 week courses open to students who have failed to successfully complete courses needed for graduation. Requires that an adult mentor the course to insure that the course is not used by the student in isolation replacing face-to-face interactions. Formerly CyberSchool, now administered by the Oregon Public Education Network. A regular education semester course is $345 ($295 in Oregon). grades 8-12

Cyber High at
A secondary level student can participate in any of 43 courses. While home schooling is one of the target audiences, a course can only be purchased through a school and participation must be monitored by a credentialed educator. Instruction is provided online with research-based projects that utilize various web sites to extend critical thinking about concepts learned. Assessment includes online tests scored by computer for instantaneous feedback. Currently accredited through the Fresno California School District for students nationwide. Some courses in Spanish. Fees are "reasonable". grades 9-12

Elkhart Cyber School at
This virtual school is a district sponsored public school accredited by the state of Kansas. Students enroll and do the classwork from home. Free to Kansas students, others call for details of tuition fees. Secondary students can take single courses on a dual enrollment basis with a local district. Fee for a single semester course fee $175. Enrollment for 2007-2008 school year begins April 1, 2007. grades 1-12

Internet Home School at
Designed to provide accredited alternative education for homeschooling, a parent can enroll a student at any time. Features include access online to certified teachers and an online grade book to track student progress. The site gives grade level objectives for the comprehensive courses and high school electives. Alternatives for tuition and fees are explained in a chart. Request to receive information via mail or phone. grades 1-12

K12: Homeschooling Curriculum at
Complete Internet-based school with courses for grades k-12. Courses are available in six subjects: language arts, math, science, history, art, and music (k-12); plus economics and government, health/PE, and languages (9-12). You can mix grade levels for different subjects to match the individual progress of the child. Using a full grade level program is designed for a five hour day with the parent involved in direct teaching about 60% of that time. K-5 students are at the computer about 20% to 30% of the course time, and that percentage increases for older students. Courses include lessons, placement tests, planning tools, assessments, and offline teaching materials (books, workbooks, CDs, videos). Individual course components are priced separately so you determine your cost by how much or little you want. Payment can be by the month as used, or by annual contract, and a user can start a course at anytime of the year for k-8. A pricing chart and enrollment deadlines for high school are given online. Explore the general site, then look for the ‘K12 Consumer Direct‘ pages under the schooling program and FAQs in the menu for specifics on homeschool use.

Keystone National High School at
Keystone provides a complete, full-credit high school curriculum that meets the needs of homeschool students. Course offerings include honors courses and high school electives. Building on the expertise of offering correspondence courses since 1974, the online high school curriculum launched in the 1999-2000 school year. Courses offer the homeschool student an online Learning Guide, online testing with rapid grading, online chats with instructors, student discussion boards, access to the inet library, and links to web resources. Enrollment is open year-round for the complete diploma program or online courses ranging in cost from $279 to $429. grades 9-12

Time4Learning at
An implementation of the CompassLearning Odyssey® program for homeschool settings. Time4Learning can be an age-appropriate core curriculum for homeschool learners in grades preschool through six, with middle school language arts, math and social studies. Alternately, use selected sequences for tutoring or enrichment. The daily structure provides online lessons, exploratory play, assessment and reports for parents. The curriculum is aligned to state reading and math standards. It is delivered entirely over the Internet, with monthly or yearly costs beginning at $20 per month. See the site for sample activities and demo. grades preschool-8

Virtual High School at
Designed primarily for classroom use by member schools, an individual student can be enrolled on an individual tuition basis in any of the about 150 semester courses offered. Instruction is all via Internet. Participation requires an adult site coordinator and a tuition agreement. grades 8-12

Christian Education Sites

Accelerated Christian Education at
This Wikipedia article gives an overview, history, and characteristics of the ACE curriculum. This nondenominational conservative Christian curriculum is the basis for several online and correspondence (with online administration) schools, as well as being available for direct purchase.

There are several Christian schools or academies online. Two examples are:
Bridgeway Homeschool Academy at Complete online curriculum for homeschooling plus access to printable library. Enroll at any time. Request free information packet. Tuition K-8 $695, 9-12 $795 plus registration; discount for multiple students.
Learning By Grace at Enroll in one of the associated academies or through one of the partnering options. The Christ-centered curriculum is delivered online with offline components. The site has a summarizing chart for comparing features and costs for the academies.

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