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Free Sites

Ask for kids at
A user enters words of a question, then Ask interprets and responds with “Where can I find out about __”. If this question accurately states your query, then you click on a site with an answer rather than selecting from a long list of links. The found site appears as a frame within Ask for safe surfing, but is not necessarily at an appropriate level. Pop-up choices can be quite off the topic. Additional reference “books” menu on the opening screen for dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, atlas, biography. News sources list.

Fact Monster at
Facts for the day under Daily Features. For other facts, navigate either by clicking on a subject or enter a keyword search. A search accesses almanacs, dictionary, and encyclopedia; or the user can select each of these directly as well as an atlas.

KidsClick at OR!/
A web guide and student search engine prepared by librarians. Three ways to search: 1) click on a topic, 2) select from over 600 topics arranged alphabetically, or 3) enter a keyword in a simple or advanced search. Results of matching sites are listed alphabetically by site name and the description includes reading level. Updated frequently.

iTools at
(Formerly titled Language Tools, Research-It, Find-It.) Search the Web or newsgroups, look-up in general or specialized dictionaries, translate text or Web page to and from English, search in encyclopedia, newspapers/magazines, topic guides, biography, or additional specific reference tools.

PinkMonkey at
Booknotes and literature summaries, online textbooks and study guides for multiple subjects, research links, test prep. Grades 6-12.

Teach the Children Well at
This page has four areas for accessing links to elementry level sites. The page begins with a chart of broad subjects which is not a good starting point for study helps. The second chart of Topics has lists of links organized by topics common to the curriculum in K-4, although levels of content is not limited to K-4. Below this chart is a section to select a search engine. The fourth area on the page lists various Reference tools.

WordCentral at
Merriam-Webster online student dictionary. Also Build Your Own Dictionary, Daily Buzzword, and various code-type word games.

The World of Math Online at
Once you find your way through the ads on the opening screen, there is a lot to recommend this site. Students will find interactive lessons, tutoring materials, study tips, and test prep activities as well as games and puzzles at this site. Covers basic math processes through calculus. Online math tools including calculators, converters, and equation solvers are provided. Click 'Parents' in the upper menu bar for resources specific to homeschooling. is a division of Encore Software who does use the site for advertising.

Yahoo Kids at
Web guide for ages 8-13 covers games, music, sports, entertainment, and school subjects. Do a keyword search or select a category. Referred sites are screened for content and appropriateness. Clicking "Reference” in the Studyzone or at the bottom of the homepage gives access to dictionary, encyclopedia, and links to other reference sources. By clicking "Ask Earl" a student can ask a question and maybe see an answer.

Subscription or Fee-based Sites

Hotmath at
Guided solutions to problems for prealgebra, algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, and trigonometry popular math textbooks. Select the book, page, and problem and get hints, Socratic questions, graphs and a step-by-step explanation up to and including the final answer. $29 for two months access, or $49 for a year. grades 6-12.

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