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. = student can use site independently pres-k 1-3 4-6 6-8
Alphabet Fun preschool-k assisted grade 1 independent
Four lesson-games. 1- Click to see word-picture pairs that begin with a letter. 2- mouse over the picture that beings with a letter. 3- type the letter shown 4- type the letter the word starts with. Keeps running score. Picture clues from Game 1 are shown in subsequent games. Notice that all the "T" words are "tr" (train, trash, tree). It may be an attempt to reflect the technology-minded child today with "i" for icon, but the picture is confusing. Instruct the child to use the browser back arrow to move between games because the menu at the bottom of the page goes out of the alphabet section. An uncluttered, colorful site.
Dolch Kit k assisted grade 1 independent
Activites teachers can print for free to help children who need extra practice with commonly used words. Dolch Word Practice is an interactive activity using art and voices of first graders that students can use directly online. Links to other Dolch websites. A second part of the site is an index to theme-based sites.
Dolch Reading Books grade 1 independent
The Dolch Sight Words are used for nine animated stories presented on uncluttered pages with easy navigation. Students can click on a word to hear the pronunciation, and look for a hidden animation on the page for added interest.
Environmental Print preschool-k assisted grade 1 assisted
A listing of activities and printable pages for the teacher.
Fun with Spot k assisted grades 1 to 2 assisted
Children can interact with Spot characters and props. Games, an animated story, activity sheets to print, and information about Spot books and the author Eric Hill. Many activities require Shockwave plugin. Particularly pertinent for schools with Reading Recovery®.
GameGoo Guide grade k independent grades 1 to 2 independent
Descriptions of games for early reading. The teacher can then suggest which game the student should use. Games are accessed by clicking “Kids” on the homepage. Students will be able to play the games independently with the audio help.
I Can Read k assisted grade 1 assisted
Environmental print cards to print. The links to other sites with environmental print lessons are an important part of this site.
NWT How To Kit preschool-k assisted grades 1 to 2 assisted
Click through this manual online or download as PDF file. The manual gives instructions for environmental print games and how to organize a family night based on environmental print activities to model for parents.
Sight Reading Practice grade k independent grades 1 to 2 independent
Practice lists for pre-primer through second grade level. Students are instructed to "Say the name of each picture. Choose the word that matches the picture." Automatic scoring. No audio. Record keeping sheet pdf for the teacher.
Starting with Comprehension k assisted
Full text of Chapter 1. The book presents a kindergarten reading program that strengthens comprehension skills even before decoding begins. Entire book can be purchased as an e-Book for reading as a PDF or eb20 format. Authors: Andie Cunningham and Ruth Shagoury; published 2005. For teachers of kindergarten
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