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Educators widely agree on the important role that the adults in the family play in the literacy development of children.
  • sites with tips to help develop readers (showing how)
  • sites with materials to help develop readers (providing what)
Sites with tips to help develop readers (showing how)

There are a number of ways that educators can use these sites for adults in the families of their students:

  1. provide content as a handout at parent/teacher conference or parent night
  2. use some of the content and/or give links in newsletters to the home
  3. put links to sites on your class or school website
  4. note ideas to use in planning parent workshops

Action Steps For Families is a list of what parents and family members can do to help a child be a better reader. Taken from Start Early, Finish Strong: How to Help Every Child Become a Reader (1999), which can be accessed from this page. For familes with children toddler through elementary school age.

Reading Is Fundamental: Parents provides resources for any older person to use in helping a child “learn to love reading.” Select by age group: 0-4; 5-8; 9-12; 13+; whole family. Lots of tips and activities. Online store.

The goal of Just Read Now is to provide resources to help parents create a home environment that promotes reading. Currently these resources include a good page of tips for parents, recommended child websites, and a few recommended books to share reading and follow-up activities.

Marci McGowan, who has taught first and second grade, created Lots About Reading & Writing - Parent Tips with messages to parents on the why and how of providing reading help at home.

Colorin Colorado has a parent section with information and practical tips on how Spanish-speaking parents can help their children become successful readers. Click to read in English or Spanish. Educator section has best-practice strategies for teaching English language learners.

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