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= student can use site independently pres-k 1-3 4-6 6-8
Materials grade 4 to 6 independent grade 6 to 7 independent
Start with an interactive online activity, study the explanatory text, then take an online quiz. Topics: changing state, characteristics of materials, gases/liquids/solids, keeping warm, reversible & irreversible changes, rocks & soils, solids & liquids. Teacher link for lesson plans and worksheets to print. Part of the Bitesize site by BBC.
Matter grade 5 to 6 independent grade 6 to 8 independent
After an overview that explains the physical and chemical properties of matter, students can explore solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, mixtures, and solutions. A menu of examples or topics for further exploration changes to relate to the term selected. The sections on atoms and on elements build on what is learned in "Matter", and are accessible from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
pH Factor grade 4 to 6 independent grade 6 to 8 independent
Introduction to acids, bases and pH. Interactive activities for students and lesson plans for teachers.
SciLinks: What can we find out about solids? grade 2 to 3 assisted
Annotated listing of lessons explaining solid-liquid-gas. Several have activities for students and there are a few text passages that students can read independently.
What Is Matter grade 4 independent
Text explanations and examples discuss properties and states of matter.
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