Merry Bee Searching the Web: General Resources for Learning About the Internet
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Additional types of web search resources on the Internet at


Whether you are beginning to use the Internet or are an experienced user, these sites will aid your navigation, answer questions and/or provide a tutorial about the Internet.
Animated Internet at
How-it-works segments for internet, search engine, email, mailing list, discussion groups, streaming media, access, encryption, and online shopping. How-to menu at the left has more detail to guide the user. Require Flash. Copyright 1996-2006..

Bare Bones 101 at
A basic tutorial on searching the Web that is easy to use and understandable. Can use just one or all of 18 lessons, each ending with an assignment. Links to similar resources. Last update in October, 2005. Available in Spanish.

Finding Information on the Internet at
A five-step search strategy with guiding questions is presented in a user-friendly chart format. Other sections of this tutorial cover introduction to the internet, types of search tools, and evaluating and citing web pages. Prepared for workshops by the Teaching Library at the University of California at Berkeley. Last update in August, 2005.

Guide to Critical Thinking About What You See on the Web at
Emphasizes the decisions that go into effective searching from selecting a search tool, to analysis of a webpage. Designed for college students. Last update in September, 2005.

Internet Learning Tutor at
Lessons cover basics, the browser, search tools and techniques, email, internet security, access, and multimedia. Excellent explanation of terms. Tips for parents in both Levels 1 and 2. Note: Level 3 is for shopping, level 4 for business owners.

Internet Tutorials at
Tutorials cover introducing the internet, selecting search tools, search skills, evaluating internet resources, and more. Includes a chart listing search engines by feature. A Search Tool of the Month is highlighted. Maintained by Laura Cohan at University of Albany. Updated November 2005.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Slide Shows at
This section of Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators site contains pdf and HTML versions of slide shows developed by Kathy for various workshops and presentations. Copyright 1995-2006.

Living Internet at
A broad historical and current perspective as this site began in 1996, was launched on the internet in January 2000, and is regularly updated. Select topics from a matrix menu organized into seven categories: Internet, Web, Email, Usenet, Mailing Lists, IRC (Chat), and MUDs (the once important but now somewhat archaic "multi user dungeons" popular with online gamers). Updated January, 2006.

net.TUTOR at
Ohio State University provides tutorials designed to build internet competencies of college students. Covers tools (browser, email, discussion group), search skills, and evaluating web sites. Updated December 2005.

WebTeacher Tutorials at
Includes tutorials on Web basics, multimedia, homepage construction, using the Internet in the classroom. From the "Web Basics" section you can click on "Web Primer" which provides introductory lessons for those just getting started. The Tutorials have not been currently updated, but this is not a problem for most of the content in these sections.

Once you are comfortable navigating and searching the Internet, you may want to go more in depth in comparing the operation and capabilities of various search engines. These sites will help you broaden your knowledge of the tools available for searching the Internet.

Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet at
Extensive tutorial to use online or click the PDF version to download. Covers search tools and searching techniques in detail. Pages have a 2005 copyright, but some of the charts about search engines could use an update.

ResearchBuzz at
Focuses on Internet research by highlighting cutting edge internet technology, information sites, and news about search engines. Tara Calishain updates this site several times a week. There’ll be a lot that a teacher doesn’t need (and may not understand), but its easy to skim for the goodies.

Search Engine Showdown: The Users' Guide to Web Searching at
Compares and evaluates Internet search engines: features chart, statistical analysis, reviews, an online newsletter, search strategies, and information about other types of search tools. More user friendly than Search Engine Watch but not updated as frequently. Updated September 2005.

Search Engine Watch at
Designed for website managers, but a lot of interest to the general user. News, discussion forums, tips for searching the web, search engine lists and statistics, links to tutorials for using search engines. Definitive and well-maintained. Updated almost daily.

Spider’s Apprentice at
Designed for a general audience. How search engines work, planning a search strategy, tips on using search engines effectively, and a historical look at search engines in the 1990s. Maintained, but infrequently updated. Updated August 2005.

SquirrelNet at
The main section is a current news format with headline articles related to the internet. Also has a ranking of search engines, a searching tutorial, and a page about squirrels (yes, the animal). Updated January 2006.

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