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Reading Strategies

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Curriculum is determined by the knowledge and skills that students need. What knowledge and skills do students need? One approach is that students need the knowledge and skills to apply strategies used by independent readers as they become increasingly proficient. This section outlines these reading strategies used by students.
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Strategies for organizing to remember or use

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Determine importance.
  • select main idea(s)
  • identify key topics and/vs supporting detail
  • retell, paraphrase, summarize
  • notetaking (has its own set of skills)
  • graphic organizers: cluster, web, map, data grid. The Graphic Organizer gives the rationale and examples for graphic organizers, most using Inspiration/Kidspiration..
Use a study strategy such as SQ3R.
  • SQ3R= survey, question, read, recite, review
  • make question from each heading; recite answer to their question & any important information
Put the whole reading experience together by noting the content, author’s craft, and the reading process.
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