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Instructional Techniques

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Reading Strategies is a label commonly used to refer to both the strategies used by students to get meaning from text and the strategies used by teachers to structure and deliver instruction. Merry Bee uses the label ‘instructional techniques’ for those instructional strategies the teacher uses and ‘reading strategies’ for those strategies the student uses in reading.
  • across the curriculum or reading in the content areas
  • anticipation guide
  • assisted reading
  • choral reading
  • cloze
  • directed reading thinking activities (DRTA)
  • dialog journal or double entry journal
  • focused imaging
  • guided reading
  • KWL and variations
  • literature circle
  • modeling, coached practice and reflection (MCR)
  • question/answer relationships (QAR)
  • questioning the author
  • readers theater
  • readers workshop
  • reciprocal teaching
  • sketch to stretch
  • Socratic questioning
  • storytelling
  • technology
  • transactional strategies instruction (TSI)
  • word walls
  • writers workshop
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