The 6th Grade Nickname Game (Hardcover) by Gordon Korman. Hyperion, 1998. ISBN: 978-0786823826. pp: 154.
Ages: 9-13, gr: 4-6
Paperback (September 1, 2004) ISBN: 978-0786851904



Wiley Adamson and Jeff Greenbaum have been such best friends since birth that each knows what the other is thinking. They particularly enjoy thinking up a person’s nickname that is "just right". But sixth grade has a couple of challenges. First a substitute teacher unlike any they have seen before; and then when a new girl moves in they find their nicknaming abilities and ultimately their friendship is in danger.


Language Arts (writing):
Write a descriptive essay about one of your best friends. Remember that a best friend doesn’t have to be a person of a certain age, or even a person.
Language Arts (speaking):
Debate this statement on improving reading scores.
Scores will improve the most by giving students lessons on specific reading skills.
The sixth-graders made up math problems from items in the books that they were reading. Make up math problems using these number items from this book.
  1. There are 25 students in class.
  2. Mr. Hughes is 6 feet 5 inches tall.
  3. Mr. Hughes weighs 280 pounds.
  4. Wiley said that he had read 11 books and over 1500 pages.
  5. Wiley could have paid from $109.95 to $149.00 for his rollerblades.
  6. "Give it a hundred-and-ten percent!"
Social Studies/Reading:
Take a virtual field trip of Valley Forge.
Cassandra knows a lot about endangered species. Find out about endangered species yourself at one of these sites.
Dr. Brodsky gives a shot for almost everything. Find out more about immunizations for diseases.
Physical Education:
Find explanations of football terms.
Find songs from around the world that could have been used for International Night.
Make a pinata. Note: Click on the video frame and ignore all the parts of the page and advertising.

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The 6th grade nickname game. Accelerated Reader: Quiz #31170 EN; Book Level 4.3; Points= 3.0
Reading Counts: Reading Level 3.5; Points= 5.0
Lexile Level 640

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