David Gets in Trouble. (Hardcover) by David Shannon. Bllue Sky Press, 2002. ISBN: 0439050227. pp: 32.
Ages: 4-8, gr: preschool-3
Paperback (Scholastic, 2002) ISBN: 0439051541



A lot of things go wrong when David is around, but David doesn’t think any of it is really his fault. But at the end of the day he admits that he is to blame, says he is sorry, and can enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing that his mother loves him.


  1. What other places might David go? How could he get in trouble there? Decide what David would say. Draw a picture in the style of those in the book.

  2. Each two-page picture is like a chapter. Choose one of the double page "chapters" and write the story of what happened to David. More for the teacher: Create a class book by having each student write about a different episode, then compile their stories in the order presented in the book.

  3. Pick one scene from the book. Discuss how David could have stayed out of that trouble.

  4. In a small group, tell about a time when you almost got into trouble. Group role play what might have happened using the people and place you described.

  5. Could all of these events have happened to David in one day? Make a timeline.

  6. Compare the pictures with one of the other books written by David Shannon other than the books in the David series.

  7. How does David make his day, and the book, have a happy ending?
  8. Daniel Cook is another boy you can meet online. Play some games with Daniel Cook.

  9. Read more about David:
    • Shannon, D. (1998). No, David! Blue Sky Press.
    • Shannon, D. (1999). David goes to school. Blue Sky Press.

  10. Read about David’s early years, when David was in diapers, in one of these 12-page board books:
    • Shannon, D. (2005). Oh, David! Blue Sky Press.
    • Shannon, D. (2005). Oops! Blue Sky Press.
    • Shannon, D. (2005). David Smells! Blue Sky Press.

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David Gets in Trouble. Accelerated Reader: Quiz #1085 EN; Book Level 0.9; Points= 0.5
Book Adventure (Sylvan): Quiz Level 2
Reading Counts: Reading Level 1.6; Points= 1.0
Guided Reading Level F
word count= 65
Flesch/Kincaid 1

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