Goosed (Hardcover) by Bill Wallace; illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers . Holiday House, 2002. ISBN: 9780823417575. pp: 128.
Ages: 7-10, gr: 2-4
Paperback (2004) Aladdin, ISBN: 9780689866814



T.P. is a bird dog who tells the story of his owner, Jeff, and a new puppy in the house they are puppy sitting. T.P. is not very fond of the new puppy, which gets named Mocha, but T.P. learns to appreciate Mocha after getting to know her. During one of their adventures, the puppy tries to chase a goose that turns around and begins to drown her in the water. Jeff is unable to help because the water is too cold, so T.P. does the right thing and goes out to save Mocha.


  1. Read about different types of dogs in this online report created by an 8th grader. Which type includes bird dogs?

  2. Make a list of the different breeds of bird dogs. Compare their size and characteristics.

  3. Look up geese and draw a picture of their habitat.

  4. Write a poem about being a dog. Collect the poems for a class book.

  5. Read about the other books Bill Wallace has written. Which one are you interested in reading? Why?

  6. View the illustrations that Jacqueline Rogers has posted on her website in her portfolio and sketchbook. Which do you like best, her pictures of animals, people or places? Why?

  7. Using watercolors, paint a picture of a lake that you might find in the story.

  8. Dogs have a very keen sense of smell. Do a class activity using your sense of smell.
    Teacher: The Human Body’s Senses: Small Theme Page lists links for expanding this study with additional activities, lessons, and units. There are a few dead links, but a lot from which to choose at multiple levels.

  9. Some dogs are insulated with their fur. Make a list of other animals that have some kind of insulation that helps them survive.

  10. This book was written in first person by the dog. Discuss if you liked or disliked this style. Why do you think the author wrote it this way?

  11. Using two columns, make a list of the descriptions that the dogs use for items in the story and their real names.

  12. Write a chapter to add to this story. Write it in the same format as this book is written.

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Goosed. Accelerated Reader: Quiz #64604 EN; Book Level 3.5; Points= 2.0
Reading Counts: Reading Level 3.4; Points= 6.0
Lexile Level 470
Guided Reading Level O
word count= 17731
Flesch/Kincaid 3.5

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