Little Red Riding Hood: A New Fangled Prairie Tale (Hardcover) written and illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1995. ISBN: 0689801459. pp: 40.
Ages: 4-9, gr: k-3
Paperback (Reprint edition September 1, 1998) Aladdin. ISBN: 0689821913


This is the story of Little Red Riding Hood’ s granddaughter. She lives on the prairie, and rides her bike through the wheat fields. She is on her way to visit her grandmother with some delectable wheatberry muffins. The wolf wants the muffins. Grandmother comes to the rescue. The recipe for the muffins is included in the book.


  1. Teacher directed activity - Discuss with the students some of the things that cause physical and chemical changes—heat, freezing, water, and air. As you read the book to the students, have them listen for things that went through physical and/or chemical changes. After reading the book, have students list the changes.

  2. This book is included on the You Go, Girl! list of "picture books that show girls can do it all!" (prepared by Val Owens). Read another book from the list. Make a chart of words and ways the author shows the main character as a "can do" individual.

  3. Ask your school’s cook (class) or your mother to help you make the muffin recipe.

  4. As a group, select another traditional fable or fairy tale. Make your variation by changing the characters, time and place (setting); but don’t change the patterns and plot.

  5. Find a picture of a prairie.

  6. This version of Little Red Riding Hood changes the setting to the prairie. Read one of the other versions with a Cajun, Southwest, or China setting. Create a version with a setting specific to an area near where you live, such as ski slope, beach, city park.
    • Artell, Mike and Harris, Jim. (2001). Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood. Dial.
    • Lowell, Susan and Cecil, Rndy. (1997). Little Red Cowbuy Hat. Holt.
    • Young, Ed, translator and illustrator. (1989). Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China. NY: Philomel Books.

  7. Jessica Houhami retells a traditional story from Southern Asia in No Dinner. An old woman is on her way to visit her granddaughter when a wolf jumps out to eat her, followed by a tiger and a bear. But the brave old woman and her clever granddaughter outwit the animals. See if your library-teacher can get this book for you. If you can’t find it, make up a story using these characters.
  8. Look at the ways various illustrators have imagined Little Red Riding Hood. Which do you like the best? Why?

  9. (older students) Read the History of Little Red Riding Hood. What years did Charles Perrault live? What years did Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm live?

  10. Compare the Red Riding Hood story as told by the Brothers Grimm with the story as told by Charles Perrault.
    Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm
    • Little Red Cap Little Red Cap (A German Tale). from Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm. Household Tales. Margaret Hunt, translator. London: George Bell, 1884.
    Perrault, Charles
    • Little Red Riding Hood (French). from Lang, Andrew, ed. "Little Red Riding Hood." The Blue Fairy Book. New York: Dover, 1965. (Original published 1889.) Lang’s source: Charles Perrault, Histoires ou contes du temps passé, avec des moralités: Contes de ma mère l’Oye (Paris, 1697).

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Little Red Riding Hood: A New Fangled Prairie Tale.
Accelerated Reader: Quiz #18240 EN; Book Level 4.2; Points= 0.5
Reading Counts: Points= 2.0
Lexile Level 589

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