Little Red Riding Hood: A New Fangled Prairie Tale (Hardcover) written and illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1995. ISBN: 0689801459. pp: 40.
Ages: 4-9, gr: k-3
Paperback (Reprint edtion September 1, 1998) Aladdin. ISBN: 0689821913

  1. Original Book Guide created by Dr. Judy Sweetman and Dr. Mary Berry

  2. Comparing Fiction and Nonfiction with Little Red Riding Hood Text Sets. k-2 Read-Write-Think unit designed to cover nine 50-minute sessions.
  3. Little Red Riding Hood Variations, grade 2

  4. Huffing and Puffing Through Economics. Lesson on the theme of Scarcity. Other fairy tales are used for more economics lessons. from ALA Book Links

  5. Baltimore Curriculum Project Draft Lessons for Kindergarten; includes lessons based on Little Red Riding Hood

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