Max Cleans Up (Hardcover)by Rosemary Wells. Viking Juvenile, 2000. ISBN: 978-0670892181. pp: 32. Ages: 4-7, gr: preschool-2
Paperback (Reprint edition May 27, 2002) Puffin. ISBN: 978-0142301333



Max’s sister helps him clean up his messy room. Max doesn’t like to see his favorite things put away out of sight, or worse, thrown out. Max’s pocket gets fuller and fuller.


  1. Max had a popsicle. Find out who invented the popsicle.

  2. Make popsicle stick puppets. Paint or glue craft eyes on to one end of the popsicle stick. Cut items of clothing from paper or fabric and glue to the stick. Make up a story with your puppets.

  3. Max had his dump truck from his sandbox. Color the sandbox or dump truck.

  4. Max had Miracle Bubble. Follow the steps at Bubbles of Fun to make your own bubble solution and bubble makers. Note: Directions are written for the adult.
    To the teacher: Try some of these other Bubbles sites.

  5. Max had an ant farm. Draw a line all around the edge of a sheet of brown construction paper to make an ant farm. Draw tunnels and ants in the tunnels. To the teacher: Use other Ant Activities.

  6. Study how ants live. Then complete the cloze activity Ant Colony. Study the life of ants. Then complete the cloze activity on Ant Anatomy and Life.

  7. Max had an Easter egg. Print out the Easter egg coloring page created by Debi Koontz.

  8. Max had a Quack-Quack duck. Sing Five Little Ducks.

  9. Max had gum-on-a-string. Make up math problems based on these prices:
    • A licorice string costs $1.50.
    • A rock candy string costs $1.00.
    • A bubble gum string costs $1.25.

  10. Max had a toybox. Play Hide-and-Seek with Clifford as he puts his toys away in his toybox.
  11. Play Toybox Relay. Place two large cardboard boxes on the playground. Collect as many items as there are students and scatter them in front of the boxes. Half of the class lines up behind each box. At the starting signal, the first child in each line runs to pick up an item, places it in the box for his/her team, and tags the next student in line, who runs to collect another item.

  12. "The art was created using ink, water colors, rubber stamps, gouache, markers, colro pencils, pastels, string, cotton, rubber ants, cloth, bird gravel, silver foil, a glue gun, feathers, fabric paint, and Miracle Bubbles." (from the verso of the title page of the book). Talk about how each would be used. Find a page for each item where it might have been used.

  13. Read other books in the Max and Ruby series.
    • Bunny Cakes, 1999
    • Bunny Party, 2001
    • Max and Ruby in Pandora’s Box, 1998
    • Max’s Chocolate Chicken, 1998
    • Max’s Dragon Shirt. paperback, 2000
    • Ruby’s Beauty Shop, 2002
    • Ruby’s Falling Leaves, (paperback), September, 2007
    • Max & Ruby’s Winter Adventure, (paperback), September, 2007

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Max Cleans Up. Accelerated Reader: Quiz #45148 EN; Book Level 2.6; Points= 0.5

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