My Kindergarten (Hardcover) by Rosemary Wells. Hyperion, 2004. ISBN: 978-0786808335. pp: 96. Ages: 5-6, gr: k
Paperback (Reprint edition May 27, 2008) ISBN: 978-1423112488



The reader follows Emily bunny from the Night Before the First Day of School (What will it be like?) to the last day of school (and deciding on a good-bye present for the teacher). Rosemary Wells presents 4 or 5 learning vignettes of Miss Cribbage and her kindergarten class for each month, September through June, most on one double-page spread.


Rosemary Wells gives another look at Emily’s classroom in the counting book Emily’s First 100 Days of School (2000). How are the two books alike? Do you find some ways the books are different? Which book did Rosemary Wells write first?

The information in an individual episode in the book can be used as an introduction to an activity for elementary students in other grades as well as kindergarten. The following activities are examples of this.

  1. Weeds and Seeds, page 18. Science: Plants.
    Teacher: Divide the class into groups and assign a seed to each group. Discuss why spring is a good time to plant seeds and fall is a good time to gather seeds. Ask each group to write a description of their seeds and predict what plant they will grow into (provide a word bank with pictures of different plants for your area). Then ask each group to share their description and prediction with the class. Alternate activity: Use the Sorting Game from Mrs. Stewart’s Seeds & Plants Unit.

  2. Geography, page 20. Social Studies: Geography.
    Follow the sequence of classroom -> school -> town-> state to map where you live.

  3. Why We Have Halloween, page 27. Language Arts; Speaking.
    Discuss any scary Halloween experiences and Halloween costumes.

  4. Our Tree, page 28. Science: Seasons.
    Pick out a tree close to the school. Look at that tree each month and make notes about any changes. Use the notes to draw pictures of the tree when back in the classroom. Post the pictures around the room in sequence. Discuss changes in nature.

  5. Being Thankful, page 36. Art.
    "Draw a picture of your favorite thing in the world that you are thankful for." Some families have a Thanksgiving tradition. What is a tradition? Tell about anything special that your family does on Thanksgiving.

  6. December. Language Arts: Research.
    Talk about all the different holidays people celebrate (make sure students know that not everybody celebrates Christmas). Research a holiday and share what you find with the class.

  7. African Stamps, page 50. Social Studies: Community.
    Design your own stamp featuring something or someone from your community. If someone from Africa came to visit your community, what is one item they might send back to their home?

  8. Math Crashes, page 62. Math.
    Play games to know numbers better.

  9. How Did Music Come Into the World?, age 68. Music.
    What is your favorite song? Which instrument do you think best matches your song? (Instrument Sounds)

  10. Poetry Day, page 74. Language Arts: Genre.
    Giggle Poetry will help you write different kinds of poetry or perform poetry plays.

  11. Dance of the Flowers, page 81 Physical Education.
    You will need two large blocks, either Styrofoam or ones you make from heavy paper. Cut paper to fit the sides of the blocks. Print sames of six spring flowers on each side of one block (crocus, daffodil, lilac, iris, tulip, ). Print ways to move on each side of the other block (skip, hop, slide, run, walk, gallop). Divide the class into six groups, giving each group one of the flower names. Two children at a time toss the blocks. The way the blocks land show which group is to move around the specified area in which way. For example, the blocks might land showing that the tulip group will hop.

  12. Adopting Great Granny, page 92. Technology.
    Make a card for a person in a local nursing home using software at your school or an internet site such as DLTK (If Step 1 appears on the screen, then click in the circle beside Greetings.) Teacher: If possible, take a field trip to present the cards.

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