Off he Map: The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Hardcover) by Peter & Connie Roop, Editors; illustrated by Tim Tanner. Walker, 1993. ISBN: 0802782078. pp: 40.
Ages: 9-12, gr: 4-7
Paperback (Reprint edition March 1, 1998) ISBN: 0802775462. pp:44



Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Merriweather Lewis, asking him to explore the newly acquired land, the Louisiana Purchase. Lewis asked his good friend, William Clark, to accompany him and share in the leadership of this expedition. They kept detailed journals of the entire journey. Peter and Connie Roop have simplified the journals, beginning with May 13, 1804, and ending with March 23, 1806.


  1. There is a story that in the year 1170, ten ships led by Madoc, a prince of Wales, sailed up the mouth of the Mississippi River, never to be seen again. Some think that the Welshmen settled with the Indians and that their descendants still lived somewhere in the west. Some thought that the Mandan Indians might be descendants, as they had hazel eyes and light skin. Clark also wondered if perhaps the Salish Indians might be descendants of the Welsh explorers, for their language sounded unlike that of any other tribe they had met so far. Find out more information about this story or legend. Based on the information you find, make a decision as to whether there might be any descendants left from the Welsh explorers, and who they might be.

  2. Read the Lewis and Clark journals. Write and illustrate a picture book of 15 to 20 animals that Lewis and Clark saw on their journeys.

  3. Complete the Activities Page for the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.

  4. The Corps of Discovery took place between the years 1804 and 1806. What else of significance was going on in the world during those two years?

  5. The President of the United States asks you to lead an expedition to an unknown planet. How will you travel? Who will you choose to go with you? What supplies will you need? How long will it take you to get there? Write a "journal" of your Corps of Discovery. Create "maps" of what you have discovered. Name "plants" and "animals" and draw pictures of them. Share your "discoveries" with the rest of your classmates.

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