Pieces of Georgia (Hardcover) by Jen Bryant. Knopf Books for Young Readers. 2006. ISBN: 978-0375832598. pp: 176. Ages: 11-14, gr: 6-8.
Paperback (Reprint edition Nov 13, 2007) Yearling, ISBN: 978-0440420552
also available as an ebook



Georgia has a lot of uncertainties in her life with her father in the trailer, in her isolation with the animals as friends, and in her love of drawing where she does know that she is like her dead mother. A school guideance counselor gives Georgia a blank book in which to write her thoughts. Georgia’s writing turns into a free-form diary of comments and questions to her mother. An anonymous gift of a membership to the local art museum brings more questions and more opportunity. Readers discover pieces of Georgia as she herself discovers and creates her identity.


  1. The author doesn’t write the story in conventional paragraph form. Do you think this helps or hinders the reader? Why? One reviewer called the book a "novel in poems"; what do you think this means?

  2. Buffalo High School (MN) maintains a website with student reviews of books inviting reactions. Respond to the review of Pieces of Georgia.

  3. Read Jen Bryant’s answers to reader questions. What else would you like to ask Jen Bryant? You can send an email to Jen by clicking on the telephone shown on her homepage.

  4. Skim the book for clues that describe when important things happened in Georgia’s life. Make a timeline showing the chronology of events. Use the date 2006 as the ending of the story and place dates on your timeline of the Life of Georgia McCoy.

  5. Make a pencil drawing of your favorite animal.

  6. The author provides information about the art of three generations of the Wyeth family. Research more about the family.

  7. View paintings Georgia describes at the Brandywine River Museum website.

  8. Although the Wyeths receive the most attention, the artist Georgia O’Keefe is also mentioned. Read the book Jen Bryant wrote about Georgia O’Keefe, or another of the biographies written for young people.
    • Georgia’s Bones. (Gr. 2-5) author Jen Bryant, illustrator Bethanne Anderson. (Eerdmans, 2005). grades 2-4
    • My Name Is Georgia. author Jeanette Winter (Voyager, 2003). grades 1-6 (Note: available in various editions, original 1998)
    • Through Georgia’s Eyes. author Rachel Victoria Rodriguez, illustrator Julie Paschkis (HenryHolt, 2004). grades 1-4
  9. Georgia agonized over what to do when she suspected Tiffany was abusing drugs. Research the warning signs of drug abuse. Discuss what you would have done in Georgia’s situation.

  10. Explore how-to articles about caring for and showing horses.

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Pieces of Georgia. Accelerated Reader: Quiz #107292 EN; Book Level 5.6; Points= 4.0
Reading Counts: Reading Level 9.3; Points= 8.0
Lexile Level 1160

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