Rosie’s Walk (Hardcover) by written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins. Simon & Schuster, 1968. ISBN: 0027458504. pp: 32. Ages: 4-6, gr: preschool-1
Paperback (original, now out-of-print) Aladdin, 1971. ISBN: 0020437501
Paperback (Stories to Go edition 2005) Aladdin. ISBN: 1416908358
Paperback (New edition, 2003) Red Fox MiniTreasure. ISBN: 0099456737
Rosie’s Walk Big Book. Scholastic, 1992

  1. Original Book Guide created by Dr Judy Sweetman and Dr Mary Berry

  2. Rosie’s Walk is used to introduce a kindergarten unit on the community and community helpers; by Michelle Hensley.

  3. Rosie’s Walk Around the Farm, kindergarten lesson from Georgia Learning Connections

  4. Rosie the Explorer! incorporates the book and a field trip into a kindergarten unit on directional words and the concept of a map; developed for Louisiana school, but adaptable to your local area.

  5. Guided Reading: Rosie's Walk by Debbie Harrison. early elementary

  6. Activities (4 page pdf) build on the reading of the book using prepositions (across, around, over, past, through, and under)

  7. Unit by Mary Frances Higuchi for the Hawaii Geographic Alliance k-1

  8. Grade 1 lesson using graph paper to make a map (scroll to the first theme in grade one or do a ’find’ on "rosie")

  9. Lesson Plan. First grade map lesson. (Microsoft Word document)

  10. Music unit, early childhood (Microsoft Word document)

  11. Spatial Concepts lesson designed for K-2 special education - speech & language impaired

  12. Performance Task, six day unit plus whatever time is needed for story creation. grade 1

  13. Book ideas from Carol Hurst

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