Thank You, Mr, Falker (Hardcover) by Patricia Polacco. Philomel Books, 2001. ISBN: 978-0399237324. pp: 40. Ages: 6-9, gr: 1-5.
Original edition 1998, ISBN:
Paperback (1999) Scholastic, ISBN: 978-043909836
  1. Original Book Guide created by Dr Mary Berry

  2. Jane Kaczmarek reads the book; click for related activities, or download an Activity Guide. (Select book by clicking "More Stories" from page-left menu.)

  3. Activities, quiz, and Patricia Polacco talks about the book

  4. Read aloud guide uses the book as a basis for developing comprehension strategies and opportunities for student writing, grades k-2

  5. Teacher Guide using the book to develop concepts of writing traits

  6. Lesson linking literature and writing designed for grades 3-5

  7. Music, literature, and social studies are combined in a mini-unit for two 60-minute periods or add the service learning component to expand to a week. designed for grades k-2 or for grades 3-5

  8. multidisciplinary unit comprised of tasks for students to complete in small groups. desgned for late elementary; Teacher page

  9. Webquest designed for early elementary; student page and teacher page

  10. Discussion questions connecting the book with the economic concept of specialization

  11. Technology-based activities

  12. Use the software program Inspiration as a graphic organizer for making literature connections, designed for garde 5

  13. Writers Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan on writing a story lead (good beginning)

  14. Used in writing lesson designed for grade 2

  15. Used in writing lesson designed for grade 4 (pdf)

  16. Used in writing mini-unit designed for 3 class period in grade 4

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