Under the Sun (Hardcover) by Arthur Dorros; Harry N Abrams, 2004. ISBN: 0810949334. pp: 112. Ages: 11-15, gr: 6-9
Paperback (Reprint edition March 1, 2006) Amulet Books, Division of Abrams. ISBN: 0810992507 pp: 240



Thirteen-year-old Ehmet and his mother escape the shooting and meager supplies that is making life in Sarajevo miserable. They flee to the home of relatives in the country, but when this place also becomes unsafe, set out to walk through unknown territory to get to Ehmet's grandparents. The thirty-eight chapter book is a survival story chronicling the physical dangers and mental courage of a youth in a war-torn country.


Prereading Activity:
Find Sarajevo on the map of 1993 in the book. Find the border of Bosnia. What countries surround Bosnia?
Examine pictures of Sarajevo.

Read Chapter 1

Read Chapter 2

Prediction: Will life on the farm be different than what Ehmet experienced when visiting in other years?

Read Chapter 3

Prediction: What was the noise in the night that woke Ehmet?

Read Chapter 4

Prediction: Can Ehmet and his mother get to the meeting place?

Read Chapter 5

Prediction: Why is Ehmet’s mother crying?

Read Chapter 6

Prediction: How long can Ehmet and his mother stay in the barn and where will they go?

Read Chapter 7

Prediction: How can Ehmet and his mother find their way in the dark through an area they don’t know well?

Read Chapter 8

Prediction: Will Ehmet and his mother be safe in the shed?

Read Chapter 9

Prediction: Will Ehmet be able to find another safe place for them to stay the next day?

Read Chapter 10

Prediction: What else will Ehmet do while his mother is sleeping?

Read Chapter 11

Prediction: Is this child the only person left in this village or will the child lead Ehmet to other villagers?

Read Chapter 12

Prediction: Will the boy be able to help Ehmet?

Read Chapter 13

Prediction: The title of chapter 14 is "Mines". What do you think is the significance of this title?

Read Chapter 14

Prediction: Willl the cave be a good shelter for the night?

Read Chapter 15

Prediction: Will they get to Ali’s cousins without further mishap?

Read Chapter 16

Prediction: Will the people at the cave help them or capture them?

Read Chapter 17

Prediction: Will the soldiers take Ali, Ehmet and his mother to the home of Ali’s cousins?

Read Chapter 18

Prediction: Will Ehmet’s mother get better with Aida's care?

Read Chapters 19 and 20

Prediction: Will Ehmet be able to find his way through this part of the country?

Read Chapter 21

Prediction: Is the fisherman friend or foe?

Read Chapter 22

Prediction: How will Jakob and Danica help Ehmet?

Read Chapter 23

Prediction: How long will Enmet stay with Jakob and Danica?

Read Chapter 24

Prediction: Will Ehmet get to his grandparents in a couple of hours on the bus?

Read Chapters 25 and 26

Prediction: Will Ehmet have to stay in the camp?

Read Chapters 27, 28 and 29

Prediction: Can Ehmet find a way to make his stay in the camp a short one?

Read Chapters 30 and 31

Prediction: Will Ehmet try to get out of the truck without being seen and/or can he?

Read Chapter 32

Prediction: Will Ehmet have any further trouble getting to the Children’s Village?

Read Chapter 33

Prediction: Will the Children’s Village be the haven Ehmet is seeking?

Read Chapter 34

Finish reading the book.

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Under the Sun. Accelerated Reader: Quiz #86355 EN; Book Level 5.3; Points= 10.0