Weslandia (Hardcover) by Paul Fleischman; illustrated by Kevin Harkes. Candlewick, 1999. ISBN: 0763600067. pp: 40. Ages: 8-12, gr: 3-6.
Paperback (Reprint - August 1, 2002) ISBN: 0763610526

  1. Original Book Guide created by Dr. Judy Sweetman and Dr. Mary Berry

  2. Weslandia Classroom Activities provided by The Trumpet Club for grades 1-3.

  3. For Grade 3 - Create your own Civilization by Sherrie Stocchetti
    Table Grove, Illinois (suggested grade levels 2-6)

  4. For Grade 4 - Technology Product Reflection by a student teacher at the University of Houston, Texas

  5. For Grade 5 - Dyelandia from Mr. Dye’s 5th grade at Marble Elementary in Michigan

  6. For Grade 6/7. Divide the class into "culture groups" and give each group a bunch of stuff (raffia, a bag of potatoes, corn on the cob, wheat, etc.). Have them use the stuff to make up a game, a costume, a written language, and a creation myth.
    From a unit developed by Denise Smith no longer available unline.

  7. One resource in a Creative Thinking Processes/Affective Needs unit designed for gifted and talented first graders. (fall)

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