Merry Bee Internet Sites for K-8 Fine Arts
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A. Pintura Art Detective at
Students participate in The Case of Grandpa’s Painting and must answer the questions: who, what, why and where. For art composition and art history. Topic: visual art, grades 4-8

Architecture Through the Ages at
Discussion for eight types of architecture covering location, construction processes and interaction between the architecture and the culture. Also, virtual tours and links to other architecture sites. Created by three 14-year-olds. [art, social studies, technology]. Topic: integrated studies, grades 5-8

ARTcapades at
Decide on a favorite painting from the selection by world-renown artists. Print one of the works of art with or without color as a basis for off-line activities: coloring, recreating, rendering in another style. The teacher can use the glossaries to explain elements of art through examples. English or Spanish. Links. Topic: visual art, grades 1-4

Artcyclopedia: The Guide to Fine Art on the Internet at
Reference for internet sites where artists' works can be viewed online. Indexes 2186 arts sites, and offers more than 75,000 links to an estimated 180,000 works by 8,300 artists, mainly painters but some sculpture, photography, and architecture. Browse by category or search by artist or title. Most useable in the classroom for the teacher to direct the student. Topic: visual art, grades 2 and up

ArtEdventures at
Select from lower or upper elementary interactive activities in Play Art Games. Study Art is a definitive illustrated glossary. Teach Art lesson plans and Create Art offline activities are teaching resources. Topic: visual art, grades 2-8

Artie's House at
Art activities in the Studio and games in the Games Gallery. Send an art card. Artindex shows works that you select to see with student text; with teacher/adult text, or a lesson plan. Site is based on works of art in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. English and Spanish. Topic: visual art, grades k-6

ArtsEdge at
Lesson plans and activities integrating the fine arts into teaching units and with other curriculum areas. Not for students to access themselves. Search to select subject(s) and level of K-4 or 5-8. . Topic: integrated studies, grades k-8

Ask Joan Of Art at
Email an expert at the Smithsonian American Art Museum with your question about American art or American artists. Topic: teaching fine arts, grades k-8

Ballet Is For Kids at
This site for the New York City Ballet includes pictures of costumes to print and color offline, crossword puzzles, children’s art based on “The Nutcracker”, and a click-to-read alphabet book of ballet terms. Also a click-to-read story of “The Nutcracker” at < >. Topic: movement & dance, grades 4-8

Bembo's Zoo at
Animated animal ABC book. Beginning readers can identify letters of the alphabet; and older students can appreciate the movement of letters into animal shapes. Requires Flash. Topic: graphic arts, grades k-8

Bottlecaps To Brushes at
Cappy, the Museum giraffe, guides students in analyzing works of art, learning art vocabulary, exploring art materials and processes. Topic: visual art, grades 2-6

Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures at
Interactive site for students to explore classical music through a visual interpretation of Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 (From the New World). Uses animated images, text about Dvorak and musical activities. Students can learn about the instruments of the orchestra and compose their own music online. Topic: music, grades 1-6

CGFA- Carol Gerten's Fine Art at
Scans of a variety of art searchable by artist name, nationality, or time frame. Biographies of featured artists. The teacher should read the FAQs. Topic: visual art, grades 2-8

Children's Music Web at
Resource for music educators with links to music and articles on the importance of music for young children. The sections for students include online music, activities, sing-alongs, and locating radio broadcasts throughout the United States. Performers have a section for highlighting their endeavors. The parent section can be used to locate professionals and concerts in a region. Topic: music, grades k-6

Children's Theatre/Creative Drama at
Articles, lesson plans, samples of plays with performance photos, a suggested dramatic arts curriculum, links. One article describes a fourth-grade play writing project. Topic: drama, grades k-8
Over 100 pictures to color online and print or email. Many are holiday or animals, with a variety of others. Some banner ads. Topic: graphic arts, grades k-4

Crayola at
Electronic cards, games, craft ideas, and printable pages for offline activities. Teacher section with lesson plans and gallery of student artwork. Product information. Searchable. Topic: graphic arts, grades preschool-12

Creative Drama and Improvisation at
Unit plan comprised of five forty minute lessons introduces students to concepts and processes related to the theater. Includes lesson plans, lists for objectives and materials, and assessment ideas (actual formal assessment tool is not provided). grade 4

Creative Drama & Theatre Education Resource Site at
Classroom lesson plans, planning a creative drama course, theater games, a chart of information on specific plays. A book list section is the only part that suffers from lack of a current update. Topic: drama, grades 5-8

Creative Movement and Dance in Early Childhood Education at
Article for the teacher includes techniques for teaching movement and dance. Topic: movement & dance, grades preschool-3

Dance Directory at
Directory of online dance resources arranged by dance style from balkan and ballet to zydeco. Most of the information would be background for the teacher rather than classroom resource, but its a good survey site with some nuggets for elementary. Topic: movement & dance, grades 4 and up

Dance Kids at
Dancing Globe describes unique dances of various countries. Dance Gallery has color photographs of performances, while Kids Gallery has dance related pictures done by students. Dance stories (no audio), online games, e-cards, printables. Topic: movement & dance, grades 2-5

Drama Workshop at
Ideas for teaching drama in the classroom. Covers a range of ages and a variety of drama types from acting games to school assemblies. Links to recommended books at Topic: drama, grades 2-8

Draw and Color with Uncle Fred at
Professional cartoonist Fred Laswell gives detailed step-by-step instructions to creating various cartoon animals and characters. Topic: graphic arts, grades k-5

Essentials of Music at
Classical music reference with a glossary, sound bits, and short composer biography information. A collaboration of Sony Music and WW. Norton and Co. Publishers. Requires RealAudio. Topic: music, grades 5 and up

Follow Me Tooc at
Click for a book excerpt in Word document format. Gives rationale and procedures for movement games with suggestions for modifications. Also, directions for making inexpensive equipment to use in movement games. Topic: movement & dance, grades preschool-kindergarten

Fun With Music at
Introduction to musical instruments, interactive music theory exploration, and composing. Classical music clips. Created by the San Francisco Symphony. Topic: music, grades 4-8

Getty Education at
Search lesson plans. Join listserv or read archived messages. Access to galleries and other resources through the site search box. Teaching fine arts, grades k-12

Haring Kids at
Keith Haring donated much of his art to schools. This site maintained in his memory by the Haring Foundation offers activities, screen savers, lesson plans, ecards. Topic: graphic arts, grades 1-8

Hop Pop Town at
Play with sounds and creating melodies. Also includes recognition of musical intervals, tone quality, remembering phrases and improvising. Some pages use MIDI, Shockwave & LiveAudio plug-ins. Topic: music, grades preschool-5

How to Draw at
Professional cartoonist Bob Weber Jr. shows how to draw various cartoon characters in four steps. Each screen has small button to order Weber's book. Topic: graphic arts, grades 2-6

Imagination Factory at
Recycle by making art. Lessons include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, papier-mache, marbling, and crafts. “Trash Matcher” in a table of activities corresponding to the type of solid waste material that is available. “Badge Matcher” shows activities that help satisfy badge requirements for Brownies and Girl Scouts. “Project Matcher” groups activities by themes. Topic: integrated studies, grades k-6

Impressionism at
Explore the world of Impressionist painters through an online tour of turn of the century France. The concepts of Impressionism are explained using works of Degas, Monet, Van Gogh, and others. Interdisciplinary lesson plans to browse online or download in pdf format introduce the major themes of Impressionism. Topic: visual art, grades 2-8

Inside Art at
An online game which explores a painting from the inside out using Van Gogh's Bank of the Oise at Auvers. Topic: visual art, grades 4-7

Ivy's Coloring Pages at
Printable pages to color offline. Links to more offline and online coloring pages and lessons. Search engine for finding a picture of a specific item. A Power Tips page related to computer graphics is simply written but better for the older students and teachers. Topic: graphic arts, grades k-4

KIDiddles™ at
Find lyrics of almost 2000 children’s songs alphabetical, by category, or search. Many also have audio with the melody. Other interactive sections of the site have been closed. Topic: music, grades preschool-5

KinderArt SiteMap at
Over 800 free lesson plans from architecture to textiles. Also links to sites for reference, general information such as contests, and a section for preschool. Searchable. Topic: teaching fine art,
grades preschool-7

Learn to Draw with Billy Bear at
Drawing lessons that each begin with a simple shape and show how to turn it into various animals and objects. Lessons on drawing cartoon faces and facial features. Good conceptually, but students may need advice on identifying advertising. Topic: graphic arts, grades 1-6

Mama Lisa's World at
Children's songs and rhymes from many countries in both English and the native language of the country. A few have the melody on piano requiring Real Audio, some MP3's and Midi. Mama Lisa now has a Blog. Topic: music, grades 1-6

Morton Subotnick's Creating Music at
Creatively explore composing melody or percussion, instruments, simple theory, and ear training. Requires Shockwave and Quicktime. Topic: music, grades k-6

Music Education at DataDragon at
Includes what musical instruments look like and sound like. You can learn to read music by learning basic concepts of music. The site also includes a section on “This Day in Music History.” Topic: music, grades 4-8

Music Education Online at
Designed to help educators locate a variety of music education resources on the Internet and in the real world. Includes advocacy, directory of links, grant information, articles for parents.

Music K-8 at
Searchable idea bank. Subscribe to listserv to receive user submitted activities, lesson plans, curriculum developments, and tips. Subscribe to free podcast to get regularly updated samples of music in MP3 format that can be purchased at this site. Topic: teaching fine arts

National Geographic Photo Archive at
Browse photo library by topics such as: animals, culture, history, nature, science/technology. Features a new photo every day. You can also email photos and download wallpapers. An added bonus is the collection of free printable posters at (assemble from nine sheets of letter-size printer paper) Topic: integrated studies, grades 3 and up

National Museum of Wildlife Art at
Uses wildlife art for four activities: read an interactive narrated story of an elk (gr 3-7); study principles of art and create a composition (gr 4-8); create a story, field guide, or exhibit based on selected artworks (gr 4-8); play physical activities based on animal movements (k-up). Topic: integrated studies, grades k-8

NGA Kids at
Adventure with Art has nine online units based on paintings from the National Gallery of Art that develop art appreciation and composition. Specific activities tie-in with social studies, lliterature, and science. Create your own art in The Art Zone. Read an animated story in Visit the Sculpture Garden. Topic: integrated studies, grades 1-8

Piano Education Page - Just for Kids at
Tips for children who are learning to play the piano. Listen to piano solo music. Travel through time to meet a famous composer. Piano students can submit their own questions to an expert teacher, or register to exchange messages with other students. Additional sections for teachers available from the home page. Searchable. Topic: music, grades 3-8

Recreational Folk Dancing at
Steps for folk dances around the world. Links to other resources. Topic: teaching fine arts, grades 3 and up

Sax Arts & Crafts at
Project ideas and lesson plans are ungraded but adaptable to intermediate and up. Also product information and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Topic: movement & dance, grades 4 and up

SmARTkids at
Analyze works of art, learn art vocabulary, explore art materials and processes, and create art in the artist's studio. Requires Flash. Topic: visual art, grades 2-6

Songs for Teaching at
Excerpts of original and traditional songs that can enhance learning are matched to the various curriculum areas. Songs have printable lyric sheets and/or audio renditions. Purchas the song on CD or download. The Tips For Teachers section is a collection of articles on how to incorporate music in teaching. Topic: music, grades k-6

Songs for Young Children at
Melody and separate lyric page for songs commonly used by teachers in the classroom. Topic: music, grades k-3

The Symphony - An Interactive Guide at
Student designed site includes instruments of the orchestra, composer biographies, timeline, composition terms, and performance clips using RealAudio. Topic: music, grades 4-8

World Myths & Legends in Art at
Provided by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Shows how myths have contibuted to artistic expression. Download lessons for teachers. Topic: integrated studies, grades 5-8
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