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Adolescent Literature at
Strategies grouped into three categories: before reading, during reading, after reading. The site is designed as a broad overview for the teacher with explanations, examples and links, but selected portions could be used directly by students as directed by the teacher. Topic: reading strategies, grades 4-8

Alien Scavenger Hunt at
The student must “zap” trash letters and letter combinations that are floating around the spacecraft to spell the word that is spoken. Uses digraphs and diphthongs. Topic: phonics, grades 1-2

Alien Word Mine at
Select words that fit the part of speech requested. Two levels: grades 1-3 and 4-6. Words are not presented in context, but the arcade style of play will appeal to some students. Rocket Word Tag < > is a similar game for grades 3-6, but the words are in the context of a sentence. All games at this site have ads in labeled windows unless you subscribe. Topic: grammar, grades 1-6

All America Reads: During Reading Strategies at
Teaching techniques and activities for helping students develop reading strategies to use during the reading task. Click to similar pages with techniques for teaching before-reading strategies and after-reading strategies. Topic: reading strategies, grades 6-8

Alphabet Fun at
Four lesson-games. 1- Click to see word-picture pairs that begin with a letter. 2- mouse over the picture that beings with a letter. 3- type the letter shown 4- type the letter the word starts with. Keeps running score. Picture clues from Game 1 are shown in subsequent games. Notice that all the "T" words are "tr" (train, trash, tree). It may be an attempt to reflect the technology-minded child today with "i" for icon, but the picture is confusing. Instruct the child to use the browser back arrow to move between games because the menu at the bottom of the page goes out of the alphabet section. An uncluttered, colorful site. Topic: beginning to read, grades preschool-1

Amazing Incredible Handwriting Worksheet Maker at
Create a practice worksheet with words that you type in. Select basic print, D'Nealian, or cursive. Part of the TampaRead site, which sells a vocabulary-building program. Topic: handwriting, grades k-5

Animal Letters: Color and Write at
Printables with cartoon-style animal and lines at bottom for practicing the capital and lower case letter from the model. Check that the style correlates with your handwriting instruction. Topic: handwriting, grades k-1

Annie’s Rhyme Time at
Solve rhyming riddles, selecting from three levels of difficulty. The index shows a listing of the riddles for browsing. Click on the Teacher‘s Guide for more about game features and ideas for using in the curriculum. Menus at the top of the page link to other parts of the scholastic site outside this game section. Topic: word play, grades 2-8

Author and Illustrator Visits at
Listing by state of authors who do visits includes information about their presentations. Good accompanying information about having an author. Topic: books & authors - author visit,
grades preschool-12

Author Illustrator Source at
A listing of published authors and illustrators who make school visits. Locate alphabetically or by region/state. Includes information about the author and his/her published books.
Topic: books & authors - author visit, grades preschool-12

Author Pages at
Hundreds of links to sites by and about children's and young adult authors. Topic: books & authors, grades 1-8

Awesome Library - English and Language Arts at
A well-organized directory of elementary sites for language arts and literature with links to articles, activities, printables, lesson plans, full text works (book, poem, story, play), and other compiled resources. Topic: various, grades k-12

Berenstain Bears at
Stories, movies, and activities featuring the Berenstain Bears, and you can send e-mail to a Bear. Topic: books & authors. grades k-3

Biography Genre at
Printable response chart for reading a biography. Use for individual notetaking with or without a follow-up report, or make a classroom poster as a generic study guide. grades 4-8

Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation at
Click “Free Online English Rules” in the left-bar menu to navigate sets for grammar rules and punctuation rules. Each set has examples and a quiz, or go directly to the printable quiz. There overall test for grammar and for punctuation is interactive. There is also a separate set of rules for writing numbers. Jane Straus has naturally included information on purchasing her books, and you can sign up for her free newsletter. Topic: grammar, grades 6 and up

Book Adventure at
Reading motivation K-8 site sponsored by Sylvan Learning with 7,000 recommended book titles. Book lists are created by a registered individual student or a teacher for a class. Students earn points by taking an online quiz about a book read offline. Free service similar to Accelerated Reader or Reading Counts. Topic: books & authors, grades k-8

Book-an-Author/Illustrator at
Articles with suggestions regarding author/illustrator appearances. Includes a booking service for selected authors. Topic: books & authors - author visit, grades preschool -9

Bookworm at
Students browse book information to find a good read. New books, reviews, and activities. Includes a section to help students in grades 4-6 to start their own bookclub. The author links page includes author trivia games and a calendar of author birthdays. grades preschool - 8

Bright Ideas For Writing at
A variety of writing projects; for example, writing a description, a persuasive essay, and more. Select grades 1-2 or 3-5. Produced by Houghton Mifflin. Topic: writing, grades 1-5

Cando's Helper Page at
A variety of interactive and printable activities designed by a classroom teacher to reinforce classroom teaching: phonics, sight words, structural analysis, vocabulary, comprehension. Be alert for buildup of multiple screens when you are exploring the site - you would want to direct students to a specific lesson. Topic: various, grades 1-3

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site at
As described by Carol Hurst, this is a collection of reviews of great books for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom and collections of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes and professional topics. Searchable. Topic: books & authors, grades preschool-8

CyberGuides at
CyberGuides are supplementary web-delivered units based on works of literature. Select from leveled lists K-3, 4-5, or 6-8. All units contain objectives, tasks and a process for completion, teacher-selected web sites and a rubric for evaluation. Site includes an Activity Bank of strategies teachers can incorporate in developing their own lessons. Topic: teaching language arts

Definitions of Basic Sentence Parts at
Eight parts of speech and the construction of sentences. The quiz links at the bottom are too difficult for elementary, but could be used as enrichment activitity for interested middle school students. Part of the Guide to Grammar & Writing site. Topic: grammar, grades 5-8

Developmental Stages of Writing at
Examples from a Grade 1 home page. Good to share with parents. Topic: writing, grades preschool-2

Diagramming Sentences at
Introduces diagramming sentences as being like solving a puzzle. Covers subjects, predicates, adjectives and adverbs. Topic: grammar, grades 3-5

Dolch Kit at
Activites teachers can print for free to help children who need extra practice with commonly used words. Dolch Word Practice is an interactive activity using art and voices of first graders that students can use directly online. Links to other Dolch websites. A second part of the site is an index to theme-based sites. Topic: beginning to read, grades k-1

Dolch Reading Books at
The Dolch Sight Words are used for nine animated stories presented on uncluttered pages with easy navigation. Students can click on a word to hear the pronunciation, and look for a hidden animation on the page for added interest. Topic: beginning to read, grade 1

English Vocabulary Quizzes Using Images at
Match word and picture for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Designed for ESL students, so word lists are not leveled by grade. The same words and images are used in a different format at Easy Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures < >. Topic: vocabulary,
grades 2-4

Encyclopedia Mythica at
An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend for readers who are advanced, or to supplement curriculum units. Contains over 7200 items about gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world. Searchable. Topic: genre, grades 5-8

Environmental Print at
A listing of activities and printable pages for the teacher. Topic: beginning to read, grades preschool-1

Everyday Vocabulary Anagrams at
Given a wordlist, students rearrange the letters of each word offline to make another word and check answer online. Select by theme or number of letters, not grade. Designed for ESL students, but anyone can play. Topic: word play, grades 1-5

Fairrosa Cyber Library at
Collection of Web materials related to Children's Literature for adults teaching or studying children's literature, not for children’s use. Includes articles, reviews, lists, archived discussions and links. This site is not currently being further developed, but it is still recommended because of the variety of information (dead links are rare). Topic: books & authors, terachers of grades 1-8

Fairy Tale/Folk Tale Cyber Dictionary at
Students retell a fairy tale and compose a class “Fairy Tale/Folk Tale Cyber Dictionary” using each letter of the alphabet, relating the letters to the story. Examples are given along with directions for publishing your own. Site includes a teaching unit designed for third grade that develops concepts of the fairy tale genre. Topic: genre, grades 1-4

Fake Out at
Try to select the correct definition from a set given for a word. Also can submit a fake definition for a word to be used in an upcoming list. Three leveled lists: grades 1-2, 3-5, 6-8. Provided by Houghton Mifflin. Topic: vocabulary, grades 1-8

Fun With Spot at
Children can interact with Spot characters and props. Games, an animated story, activity sheets to print, and information about Spot books and the author Eric Hill. Many activities require Shockwave plugin. Particularly pertinent for schools with Reading Recovery®. Topic: beginning to read, grades l-2

GameGoo Guidet at
Descriptions of games for early reading. The teacher can then suggest which game the student should use. Games are accessed by clicking “Kids” on the homepage. Students will be able to play the games independently with the audio help. Topic: beginning to read, grades k-2

Grammar and Spelling at
Rules and examples for parts of speech, punctuation, and tricky spellings. Link to “word and grammar games” goes to general list of games and quizzes. Topic grammar, grades 4-8

Grammar Gorillas at
Identify parts of speech in sentences. Beginner level asks for only nouns and verbs; advanced uses eight parts of speech. Definitions stay at bottom of screen for help. Topic grammar, grades 2-6

Grammar Rock at
Words to songs for the eight parts of speech with short audio files giving a snippet of each song. Topic grammar, grades 6-7

Handwriting For Kids at
Lessons for manuscript and cursive. Animated demonstrations, worksheets, practice pages. Several Spanish worksheets. Grade 1-4 students could use alone once the teacher had identified the page on the site for use. Bee Tip: when using the animated letters, move the mouse to the edge of the letter so the cursor is not covering any of the movement of the drawing. Paid for by sales in the Stained Glass Shop prominent link on this entry page. Topic handwriting, grades k-4

Handwriting Styles at
Explains the differences among several styles of handwriting including Palmer, D'Nealian, and Zaner-Bloser. For teacher background or to discuss with specific students. Topic handwriting

Harcourt Brace Spelling at
Unscramble the word. Select by grade and unit for wordlist. Topic spelling, grades 1-6

I Can Read at
Environmental print cards to print. The links to other sites with environmental print lessons are an important part of this site. Topic beginning to read, grades k-1

Internet Anagram Server at
Enter word or phrase and get a list of all possible combinations of the letters. Clicking on Advanced Anagramming gives the user various options including German, Spanish, French, Italian or Latin language. Topic word play, grades 5-8

John's Word Search Puzzles at
Printable word searches, updated monthly. Select from the Kids' section, or more capable students can try a more difficult puzzle from states, holidays, sports, or letters (example; K words in which all words begin with the letter k). Merry Bee suggests the Bees puzzle at Topic: word play, grades 2-8

Journaling at
Types of pages students can use for journaling in response to reading. These same pages appear under the “Teacher Activity Bank” heading with explanations for the teacher in guiding student use of the pages. Topic: reading strategies, grades 3-6

Just For Kids Who Love Books at
Alan Brown, a retired school librarian, posts and responds to submissions by students ages 8 to 14 about books, authors, writing, or homework. Includes links to author homepages, book award sites, writing tips sites. Topic: books & authors, grades 3-8

Kid Writing at
You can order the Kid Writing book from this site ("A Systematic Approach to Phonics, Journals, and Writing Workshop"), but there are also freebie resources: assessment, writing samples, classroom techniques. Designed for the kindergarten level. Topic: teaching language arts

Kids On The Net at
Several writing projects such as Kids' Castle; creative writing tutorials; digital writing section; how-to and examples of reports and book reviews by students. Topic: writing, grades 2-8

Learning With Mysteries at
Lesson plans and rationale for teaching mysteries as problem solving. Click on “Sites to Use” for access to mysteries on a page without the MysteryNet messages that appear on the teacher pages. Also winning stories from student writing contests. Topic: genre, grades 4-8

Meet Your Favorite Author at
Strategies for planning a successful author visit that both the audience and the author will enjoy. Topic: books & authors - author visit, grades preschool-10

Location at
Interactive activities for learning positional language. Includes writing activities. From this page the teacher will need to select the lesson, or the unit can be downloaded for use from your own computer. Topic: vocabulary, grades 1-2

National Spelling Bee at
General information about the National Spelling Bee, study tips, sponsoring local spelling bees, and a section about words. Topic: spelling, grades 6-8

NCTE Elementary Section at
National Council of Teachers of English has a section devoted entirely to the teaching of language arts in the elementary school. Announcements, teaching suggestions, hot topics, and feature articles. Some full text articles only available to members.

NWT How To Kit at
Click through this manual online or download as PDF file. The manual gives instructions for environmental print games and how to organize a family night based on environmental print activities to model for parents. Topic: beginning to read, teachers of grades preschool-2

Paragraph Punch at
An interactive guide that gives step-by-step helps to writing a basic paragraph about a provided topic. Students begin with words, to sentences, to a quality paragraph using a structured approach to the writing process. Users may encounter a popup ad for the software package on which this site is based. Topic: writing, grades 4-8

Phonics Interactivities at
Interactive games with audio. Each game keeps ongoing score and has a link to its own teacher guide on the page. Covers vowel sounds, r-controlled words, digraphs, diphthongs, and consonant blends. Activities for other grades relate to alphabet and word study. Topic: phonics, grades l-4

Poetry for Kids at
Fun poetry for kids to read written by Kenn Nesbitt. He also provides instruction for kids on how to write different kinds of poetry, a rhyming dictionary, and word games. Interactive sections include podcast, survey; also discussion forums and contests for members. Topic: genre, grades l-8

Puzzlemaker at
Create crossword and word search puzzles from your own word list that you enter, or use one of the vocabulary lists that are included. Topic: vocabulary, grades 4-6

Reading Comprehension at
Printable comprehension pages for k-2. 2-4, 4-6, Pre-K/Kindergarten and items for the teacher. Topic: comprehension, grades k-6

Reading Comprehension at
Comprehension exercises that students can read online and discuss, teachers can print out for assignment, or project a page for class discussion. Includes original stories, poems, essays, and articles. Topic: comprehension, grades 5-8

Reading Comprehension Worksheets at
Free printable worksheets; download additional for a fee. (Scroll down - the listing is below the picture and banner ad.) Topic: comprehension, grades 2-5

Reading Glossary at
Defines basic terms related to reading, literacy and reading instruction. Topic: teaching language arts

Reading Online at
A peer-reviewed electronic journal published by the International Reading Association for literacy educators K-12 with a special emphasis on integrating technology into the classroom. Includes articles about the latest literacy developments and reviews of new professional materials. Searchable, as well as title, author, and subject indexes. Archived since May, 1997. Can also join the Online Communities listserv to discuss articles or exchange comments about literacy topics. Topic: teaching language arts

Reading Workshop at
Free reading resources made for teachers by teachers. Phonics for grade 1, word study for grades 3-5, practice sheets for comprehension strategies grades k-2 and 3-5. Much of the material is directed for home use by a parent and child working together (ex: phonemic awareness and reading lab). Topic: various language arts, grades k-5

Readquarium: Phonics and Phoneme Activities at
Links to sites for students in categories including beginning and ending sounds, vowel sounds, CVC words, blends, rhymes, chunks & word families. Button to links for teachers goes to the main general page. There are a lot of opportunities for students to click out of the student-centered activities, so independent use will require some oversight. Topic: phonics, grades k-2

ReadWriteThink at
Peer-reviewed lesson plans tied to national standards for language arts, annotated Web links, and other resources related to teaching reading and writing in grades K-8. Check the current calendar for classroom activities and online resources associated with events in literacy and literature. Established by IRA, NCTE and Marco Polo in 2002. Topic: teaching language arts

School Visits Directory at
Alphabetical list of authors. Each name links to a website that has information on how to arrange a visit. Includes a page of tips on setting up a school visit. Topic: books & authors - author visit, grades 3-12

Sight Reading Practice at
Practice lists for pre-primer through second grade level. Students are instructed to "Say the name of each picture. Choose the word that matches the picture." Automatic scoring. No audio. Record keeping sheet pdf for the teacher. Topic: beginning to read, grades k-2

Spellbee at
Student registers using a nickname (consent required), in order to test spelling skill with a partner. Free site sponsored by Brandeis University. The word bank contains over 3000 words of varying difficulty; the playing partners pick the words to challenge each other. The player sees a sentence with the word blank, but hears the entire sentence, then types in the word. Topic: spelling, grades 2-8

Spelling Ticklers at
Describes games and activities for spelling practice offline. List with suggested grade levels. Topic: spelling, grades k-8

Spin and Spell at
Choose an object and click on letters to spell its name. Audio naming of objects helps avoid confusion about what is pictured. Audio for directions and reinforcement also helps the beginning reader. Topic: spelling, grades 1-3

Starfall at
Interactive books, games, and movies that teach the various aspects of phonics in an interesting and engaging manner. Correlated materials to download or order (small fee). The methodology section of the Web site explains the rationale and strategies of this site. Topic: vocabulary, grades k-2

Starting with Comprehension at
Full text of Chapter 1. The book presents a kindergarten reading program that strengthens comprehension skills even before decoding begins. Entire book can be purchased as an e-Book for reading as a PDF or eb20 format. Authors: Andie Cunningham and Ruth Shagoury; published 2005. Topic: beginning to read, teachers of kindergarten

SuperKids Vocabulary Builders at
Select word-of-the-day for grades 4-6 (upper elementary) or grades 6-9 (junior high). No games, just definition, example, synonyms, but good daily source of featured word for the classroom. Topic: vocabulary

SurLaLune Fairy Tale Pages at
A collection of annotated fairy tales including related links such as history, illustrations, modern interpretations, and similar tales across cultures. Searchable. Topic: genre, grades 4-8

Verb Viper at
Given a subject, the student selects a verb recognizing subject/verb agreement and the correct verb form. Learning occurs from studying the results page after playing a game round. Game settings have 3 levels, 3 speeds, and sound controls. Game settings have 3 levels, 3 speeds, and sound controls. Topic: grammar, grades 2-5

Vocabulary Drill at
Read word given in context and select meaning from multiple choices. Scoring and timing each can be on or off. Part of the Education 4 Kids site. Additional features with $10 annual fee. Topic: vocabulary, grades 5-10

Vocabulary University at
Seven types of vocabulary puzzles using word lists based on roots or thematic lists. Select upper elementary or middle school level (also has high school). Both interactive and printable puzzles. Lesson plans for teacher. Topic: vocabulary, grades 5 and up

Wacky Web Tales at
Students create "madlib" stories and poems by supplying parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, exclamations. Help Page briefly explains these parts of speech. Topic: grammar, grades 3 and up

Word Games at
Play the game of the day or select from the game list. Games focus on finding words from a set of letters or word meaning. There is a general Help page for the games section as well as a help button for an individual game. Caution student users to avoid clicking outside the games frame. Requires Flash version 5+ Topic: word play, grades 4-8

Word Invasion at
Select the words that match a given part of speech. Set play to include any or all of noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition. Learning occurs from studying the results page after playing a game round, although the sounds do indicate errors immediately. Game settings have 3 levels, 3 speeds, and sound controls. Topic: grammar, grades 2-6

Words And Pictures at
Activities and games to reinforce sounds, letter patterns, and word families. Interesting game to reinforce high frequency words. Some games require a plugin. A BBC site that can be used independently although designed to accompany a television program. Topic: phonics, grades k-3

Working and Playing with Words at
Resources for the teacher designed to broaden his/her thinking about attention to words. Includes sight words, word families, phonics, word analysis, spelling. Topic: word play, teachers of grades k-4

Writing Guide at
Spinner, the Writing Spider demonstrates how to make capital and lower case letters. Click on a little letter or a big letter (alphabetical) and Spinner will repeatedly draw the letter on simulated manuscript paper. Click on the Practice Pad to open a clean sheet of paper which can be positioned beside the other for the student to make the letter. Bee Tip: use a larger line; curves are impossible with thinner lines.
Topic: handwriting, grades k-1

Writing Letters and Numbers (Traditional) at
Print out handwriting practice worksheets including both letters and numbers in traditional print or D'Nealian (with cursive). The worksheet includes a progression of: model of letter, trace letter with arrows, trace letters, blank space to make letters, trace letter in words. Topic: handwriting, grades k-1

Writing Prompts/Journal Topics at
Writing prompts for paragraphs, stories, or journals. Categorized, so older students could be asked to select one from a given category. Generic writing lesson plans for the teacher at < >. Topic: writing, grades 1-6

Writing With Writers at
Select writing tutorials by subject or author. Created by Scholastic. Teacher's Guide with supporting materials. An opportunity for the student to submit completed work. Topic: writing, grades 1-8

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