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A to Z Calendar Printouts at
Make and print your own calendar or choose one of the theme calendars. Link to page with activity booklets to print based on calendar concepts. For teachers to use with grades k-5. Topic: time, grades k-5

A+ Math at
Interactive flashcards and teacher can create his/her own. Online games. Matho (Bingo/Math), Concentration, and Hidden Picture. Students use Homework Helper to check their answers to problems. Teachers can print Math Word Finds, worksheets, and flashcards. Topic: computation, grades 1-6

AAA Math at
Select by grade level from kindergarten through 8, or by topic from addition through statistics. Each page includes an explanation of the concept or skill, interactive practice, and online game Topic: various, grades k-8

Absurd Math at
Episodes from a science fiction adventure integrate prealgebra math into the game play. The four episodes at the site are free examples of the subscription that Learning Wave sells that includes over fifty interactive math stories. This sampling might hold the attention of some students who would otherwise disdain doing the math, but whether students learn any strategies for problem solving is questionable. Best considered as an optional extra for a pair of students in the computer lab or library. The episodes don't change. Topic: problem solving, grades.6-8

Allmath at
Use online flash cards, Magic Square game, metric converter, multiplication table forms. Links. Some sections don't work on some systems, and it is easy to click yourself outside the math content at some linked sites. Topic: various, grades.3-8

Are You a Math Magician? at
One minute multiplication drill. Select a single multiplier 1 through 10, or mixed. A keyboard with a keypad is a benefit to entering the answers. Topic: basic facts, grades 2-5

Around The World in 80-Seconds at
Timed practice on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or mixed. Goal is to fly around the world when each correct answer moves to the next location. Requires Flash. Topic: basic facts, grades 1-4

Aunty Math at
Biweekly math challenge. Students can compare approaches others use to solve problems. Archived.
Topic: problem solving, grades k-5

Automaticity of the basic facts of arithmetic at
Why students must master the basic facts and strategies for teaching them. This is an article for the teacher, not for student access. Topic: basic facts, for TEACHERS of the primary grades

Bet The Farm at
In this interactive simulation, players assume the role of a farmer and make decisions about what products to raise, how to manage product growth, and how to market the harvest in an effort to keep the farm profitable at the end of the year. No calculations are necessary to play, but with repeated trials students will probably see the need to use mathematics in planning their choices. A lot of information lies beneath the surface; click on “information” and “report” buttons. Maintained by Ohio's Columbus Center of Science and Industry. Topic: real world, grades 4-8

Bitesize Maths at
Click Maths; then Number; then scroll to Number System. Covers place value, multiply & divide by 10 or 100, rounding, comparing numbers. Select the guided activity, a factsheet, or a quiz. Topic: number system, grades 3-6

Buzzing With Shapes at
Two players find shapes with a specified number of sides (1-6). Shapes are not named. Topic: shapes, grades preschool-1

Change Maker at
Teaches making change in a game format with four levels from easy to super brain. In the game if the answer is correct, the amount of change is added to a piggy bank. If the answer is wrong, the correct amount of change is subtracted from the piggy bank. The more money you get in your piggy bank, the harder the questions will get. Topic: money, grades 2-8

Community of Clocks at
Two games at upper left relate to understanding Roman Numerals for 1 to 12: match with Arabic and put in order. Topic: number system, grades 2-3

Connect! at
Online gameboard for playing classic logic game against the computer. There is only the one game, but it is a clean attractive game presentation. Topic: various, grades 3-8

Coolmath4kids at
Fun math activities from printable coloring pages to geometrical concepts provide something for grades K-8. Games cover basic computation, word problems, and special topics such as tessellations. Online calculator. Note the caution at the bottom concerning similar URLs. Topic: various, grades k-6

Count On: Issue 1 at
Five of the seven games here develop concepts of number system. Once introduced to the game instructions, then students can play independently. Topic: number system, grades k-2

Crack Hacker's Safe at
Select shape, color, and number attributes to complete the sequence. Three screens with no variation on repeat plays. Topic: patterns, grades 4-6

Create A Graph at
Templates for creating area, bar, line, pie, and XY plot graphs. Topic: data analysis, grades 5-8

Creating, Describing, and Analyzing Patterns at
Students use an interactive pattern making tool to create, compare, and predict. Two classroom extension lessons: Describing Patterns gives examples of various ways of analyzing patterns, Extending Pattern Understandings describes creating a grouping that can be repeated. Topic: patterns, grades preschool-2

CyberChallenge at
Choose operation for an online timed drill. Scored. Chart of results. Requires Flash. Topic: basic facts, grades 2-4

Cynthia Lanius' Mathematics Lessons at
Instructional activities for variety of ages from counting to online geometry. Topic: various, grades k-8

ENC: K-12 Math and Science Teacher Resources at
The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse was discontinued September 29, 2005 when the U.S. Dept of Education stopped funding this resource. ENC is now a subscription service, but the search feature is free. For an annual fee of $349 all teachers in a school can access the online lessons, articles about education issues, links, information about curriculum materials, the national standards, and other professional development aids previously offered by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. Topic: teaching mathematics

Exploring Geometric Solids and Their Properties at
Choose one of six polyhedrons to investigate and analyze the number of faces, edges, and vertices. Links to accompanying lesson plans. Topic: shapes, grades 3-5

Figure This! at
Eighty real world problem activities designed to be used at home as family challenges. Gives hints and resources about the concept. Introductory online video. Spanish option. Topic: real world, grades 5-8

Figures and Polygons at
Glossary of shapes with definition and examples. No activitiess. Topic: shapes, grades 6-8

Flashcards for Kids at
User can choose operation, the complexity, the number size, score on or off, timer on or off, horizontal/vertical. grades 1-6

Free Arithmetic Fact Pages at
Print basic fact tables. For student practice, fold the printed page so that answers are hidden. Good for takehome. grades 1-3

Fun With Shapes at
A webquest for students to examine circle, square, and triangle shapes in a variety of online and offline activities. Bee tip: Two dead links, but the site is good, so just tell students to leave them out. Topic: shapes, grades k-1

Getsmarter at
Interactive testing site that lets you compare your math and science performance against students around the world. Choose elementary (grades 3 or 4) or middle school (grades 7 or 8). Built-in tutorials and practice. Links. Navigation can be tricky, so provide guidance to new users. Free. Sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Topic:various, grades 3-4, 7-8

Graph Goodies at
Click "Student Graphs" for an online interactive graph book. Graphs were created as an online project coordinated by Mrs. Silverman in 2002. Topic: data analysis, grades k-2

Great Graph Match at
Pairs of temperature-rainfall graphs are presented for the student to match with a city. Students can check descriptions of the biome in which the city is found. Measurements are given in Celsius and millimeter. Two levels: select either beginner or advanced. Topic: data analysis, grades 5-8

Homepage For New Math Teachers at
Articles and tips about teaching, for example: classroom management, homework. Links to resources for both teachers and students. The teacher-author emphasizes a balance in teaching skills, concepts and problem solving. Topic: teaching mathematics, grades k-9

Illuminations at
Over 500 lesson plans, 103 online activities, and the complete NCTM standards with teaching examples for reflection. Links to hundreds of other reviewed online lessons and student investigations organized by standard. Searchable. Topic: teaching mathematics, grades k-12

Improving Mathematics Educadtion at
Features pdf file of the book Improving Math Education in Elementary Schools by Dave Moursund, November 2004, with three sections: Brain Theory, Craft & Science of Teaching & Learning, and Information & Communications Technology. Site includes other documents. Designed for teacher study in a workshop or self-study. Topic: teaching mathematics

Kids Bank at
Cartoon characters give large print explanations about money from 5 pennies = 1 nickel to checking, interest, and ATM. Topic: money, grades 3-6, and 1-2 with assistance

King's Math Activities at
Links to sites with math activities are organized by topic; downloadable or to do online with Shockwave. Lesson plans for teachers. Sample online tests. Managed by the technology coordinator at a grade 4-6 school, but content is K-8. Topic: various, grades k-8

Math Baseball at
Online game for one or two players. Select skill level and addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or mixed. Type in the answer and submit by clicking Swing. How far the ball goes depends on the difficulty of the problem. Topic: computation, grades 2-7

Math Goodies at
Interactive math lessons designed for grades 5 - 8 using a problem-solving approach includes: number theory, integers, probability, percent, area, pre-algebra. Separate sections include Homework Help, Teacher Forum, Puzzles, and a Parents Place. Topic various, grades 5-8

Math Hunt at
Select a science or social studies topic and follow links to find data to solve math problems. Automatic scoring online. Teacher’s Guide. Topic real world, grades 5-8

MathDrill at
Drill on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ordering of numbers, fractions, decimals, percent, algebra. In practice mode, student works interactively through levels; 86 currently available. In homework mode, teacher assigns number of problems, level, grade and checks scores after completion. Includes direct computation and word problem format. Explanations given for answers. Requires free registration for teacher tracking purposes. Requires Java and cookies be enabled. Students work independently after teacher introduction. Topic: computation, grades 1-8

Maths Dictionary For Kids at
An interactive math dictionary explaining over 500 common mathematical terms. Click on a letter of the alphabet to load that wordlist on the left-hand page, then click on a word to load the definition on the right-hand page. In addition to a text definition, most entries have graphics and animation to illustrate the concept, and some have practice activities where appropriate. Created by Jenny Eather, a teacher in Australia. grades 2-6 Topic: various, grades 2-6

Maths File Game Show at
Four number games provide practice for: ordering numbers, factors, fractions, rounding. Requires Shockwave. Topic: number system, grades 5-8

Measurements at
Covers both U.S. and metric measurement units and also conversions. Each lesson has an explanation, interactive practice, and a challenge game. Topic: measurement, grades 5-8

MegaMath at
"The MegaMath project is intended to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms so that young people and their teachers can think about them together." Topic: problem solving, grades 3-8

Metric Mania Lessons at
Lesson plans created by a science teacher for measuring with the metric system and conversions from the American system to metric equivalents. Links. Requires PDF Reader. grades 5-8

Metric Units and Measurement at
Identifies metric units of measure and abbreviations for length, volume, mass, time and temperature. Explains the decimal concept. No activities, just fact sheets. Topic: measurement, grades 4-7

Money Count at
Count total of US coin images; will not be greater than $2.00. Can choose whether to keep score and if timed or untimed. More activities to come. Access to options for increased difficulty with $10 annual membership. Topic: money, grades 2-4

Moneyopolis at
Game of economics in which students learn about financial planning and money management. Free registration to play, but you can use a fictitious name. Optional record keeping for the teacher. Students will like the graphics. Topic: money, grades 6-8

Multimedia Math Glossary at
A glossary of math terms for grades K-6. Choose a grade level, click on a math term from the list, and get a concise definition, often with an illustration and embedded links for pop-up definitions of related terms. Can click for audio. Provided by Harcourt School Publishers. Topic: various, grades k-6 at
A wealth of materials for proficiency in whole number multiplication. Gives the teacher alternative techniques and tips. Gives the student online lessons and games. Includes suggested activities and printable worksheets for offline practice and assessment. Topic: basic facts, grades 2-5

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives at
Move and experiment online with these manipulatives, such as base ten blocks, geoboard, spinners, etc. Select by grade span and NCTM standard. Each manipulative has a menu of instructions, activities, and teacher information. Keyword searchable. Java scripts may have problems on some systems. Topic: teaching mathematics, grades preschool-8

National Math Trail at
Take a walking tour of some place in the community and create math problems based on what you see and you have created a Math Trail. All you need to submit your Trail to the site is here: lesson plans, learning exercises, rubric assessment, examples of student work, technology guide, and the registration and submission process. If not creating a Math Trail, you can still use the Trails as real-world math practice, especially if someone has already done one for an area familiar to students (check the National Math Trails map). Can be targeted for any level from kindergarten (see Iowa - South Hamilton) on up. Site managers would LOVE to have more submissions. Topic: real world, grades kindergarten and up

National Mathematics Advisory Panel at
On March 13, 2008, the National Mathematics Advisory Panel presented its Final Report entitled Foundations for Success. From this page you can access a PDF file of the report as well as accompanying reports from task groups and subcommittees (Word or PDF). Topic: teaching mathematics, all teachers

Number Cruncher at
Ten problem drill on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or all combined. Because of all the other links on the page, the teacher will need to select the type and one of three levels, then the student can do the drill independently. A correct answer is scored immediately, but the correct answer is not shown when there is an error. Hint: be sure that the student clicks in the answer box to begin entering answers. Topic: computation, grades 1-5

Number Flashcards at
Printable pages for numbers 1 to 20 with numeral, pictures to show number and word in D'Nealian. Topic: number system, grades k-1

Online Science-athon at
Free enrollment for a class data collection and analysis project: measurement for grades 2-3, choice of three for grades 4-8. Topic: data analysis, grades 2-8

Open-Ended Math Problems at
Problems for each month, created to help prepare middle school students for testing. There are 5-10 problems on each page that get progressively more difficult. The problems encourage higher level thinking skills as well. Topic: problem solving, grades 6-8

Pattern Blocks at
Designed to study fractions. Descriptions of shapes in relation to each other. Links to exercises. Topic: shapes, grades 3-6

Pattern Generator at
Activity to discover and continue a given shapes pattern. Topic: patterns, grades 2-5

Pattern Player at
Exploratory tool to create and hear audio patterns. Analysis for learning would need to be supplied by the teacher. Topic: patterns, grades 2-6

Prime Pages at
All about prime numbers: history, theory, trivia, links. Great site for enrichment for math whizkids and to amaze the rest of us that there is so much to be known about a single, seemingly simple, concept. Topic: number system, grades 4-12

Problem of the Week at
Sites that offer problem of the week content are listed with brief descriptions. Select elementary or middle school. Note that the "faces" are a code further describing each site. Topic: problem solving, grades 1-8

Project Interactivate at
Tools and activities to explore math concepts organized by the NCTM math standards. Designed for middle school with a selection for grades 3-5. Requires java-capable browser. Topic: various, grades 3-8

Quia: Math Journey at
Choose level of difficulty and either addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, or mixed. Solving the problems advances the user on a trip around the world. Topic: computation, grades 1-8

Searching for Solutions at
This internet-based problem solving unit explains eight problem solving strategies and gives activities to apply these strategies. The original content in the unit is interwoven with links to other websites for collecting data. Includes printable recording sheets and rubrics for evaluating problem solving. Topic: problem solving, grades 4-6

Shape Surveyor at
Calculate the perimeter and/or area of a rectangle. Choose from four levels of difficulty. Topic: shapes, grades 3-6

Smiley Clock at
Students are given a clock and click on the correct time to five minutes from a series of possible answers. Correct answers reveal features on the smiling face of the clock. Requires Shockwave. Young student can work independently after you have clicked "Play" to start the game from the site home page. Topic: time, grades 2-3

Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets at
Study principles of symmetry and patterns and then apply them to the analysis of design in Oriental carpets. Topic: patterns, grades 3-8.

Taking America's Measure at
Uses puzzles and activities to explain the American standardized weights and measures and explains the metric system. Created by The National Institute of Standards and Technology. Topic: measurement, grades 5-8.

Teachers' Lab: Patterns In Mathematics at
Designed to deepen teacher understanding of concepts with materials that can be used in the classroom. Logic, number, and word patterns, each with the rationale and two activities. Suggests how to use the activities at different grade levels. Topic: patterns, grades k-5.

Teaching Time at
Online clock exhibits from The Franklin Institute cover the history of telling time and different kinds of clocks. Includes interactive games and features; lesson plans. Topic: time, grades 3-8.

Tell The Time at
This is an optional site for limited use if it meets a specific need. Click on arrow to move clock hands to the time given by hours, and the dragon announces the time in English and Welsh. Created by the BBC. Requires Macromedia Flash. Topic: time, grades k-1.

Telling Time at
This is an optional site for limited use if it meets a specific need. Print worksheets for practice in telling time. Some other parts of this Dositey site are fee-based. Teacher use for grades 1-2. Topic: time, grades 1-2.

Time Teller at
Students move hands on the clock to match a given time to five minutes. Topic: time, grades 2-5.

Tips for Kids at
Four modules comprise an economics unit on money and investment. Designed to be taught 2-3 hours per week for ten weeks. Free, but requires registration. Topic: money, grades 6-8.

What Time Is It? at
Match the time shown on an analog clock with the correct digital clock. Times to half hours. The need to ignore labeled ad windows and other links keep this from being recommended for independent use at lower levels. Topic: time, grades 1-4.

What Works Clearinghouse at
Two reports of research related to math: Middle School Math Curricula and Elementary School Math (K-5). What Works Clearinghouse reviews studies of education interventions (defined as programs, products, practices, and policies). Topic: teaching mathematics,
grades 6-8

Willy The Watchdog at
Online game for two players to practice telling time to the half hour. The teacher will need to help students to get started with the pattern of play: click to roll die, click to move hands, click "done". Gameboard doesn't change with subsequent play. Requires Macromedia Shockwave plug-in. Topic: time, grades 1-3.

World Of Measurement at
Explanations and activities introduce upper elementary students to basics and everyday uses of measurement for length, mass, temperature, time, and volume. Topic: measurement, grades 3-6.

Young Investor at
Money management information and games. Users examine earning money, planning and budgeting, and investing. Topic: money, grades 5-8.

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