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"We the People:" Signing the Constitution at
Congress has passed legislation requiring schools that receive federal funding to celebrate "Constitution Day and Citizenship Day" on September 17th of each year. This site provides resources and lesson plans for teaching about the historical background and core values of the U.S. Constitution. Units for grades 3-5 and 6-8. Click on “Monthly Feature Archives“ at the bottom of the page and scroll to September 2005 for more articles. Topics: citizenship, grades 3-8

ABC, Teaching Human Rights at
Online Teaching Guide on how to teach human rights to students. Undated, but print resources in the bibliography are older. Definitions and activities are conceptual however, and not reliant on current data. Prepared by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Topic: teaching social studies, grades k-10

All About Me at
Activities, poems and book recommendations for an All About Me unit or to integrate throughout the year. Topic: self, identity, grades preschool-1

All About Me at
Thematic unit with stories and activities. Has both online and printable puzzles. Topic: self, identity, grades k-2

All About Me at
Annotated list of resources for the teacher to use in the All About Me unit of study at various levels. Topic: self, identity, grades preschool-5

All About Me - Celebrating Diversity at
Recommended books with correlated activities and technology-based activities. Links to several webquests and other online resources. By Annette Lamb from Eduscapes. Topic: self, identity, grades 1-5

All About Me Research and Writing Unit at
Unit designed for fifth grade incorporates essay writing, researching, and using technology tools. Topic: self, identity, grades 5-6

All Country Info at
Designed as a tool for quick reference or easy browsing. Select from a main menu of 200+ countries, then from 11 categories: communication, economy, flag, geography, government, introduction to the country, map, military, people, transnational issues, transportation. Countries included seem to be a random selection; for example: British Virgin Islands is listed, but not England or Britain; or another example: Ireland is listed but not Scotland. Topic: geography, grades 5 and up

America's Story at
Biography, history, geography, music appropriate for intermediate and middle school students. Factual and interesting. Many primary document resources that show people, places, events. Searchable. Explore the States, listed below, is a section of this site. Topics: U.S.-geography; U.S.-history, grades 4-8

America's West at
Includes American West expansion, Native American tribes and nations, European immigration, gun slingers and outlaws, cowboys, mining, transportation, pioneer towns and forts. Topic: U.S.-history, grades 3-6

American Flag at
Barbara Feldman recommends and rates five sites about the American flag. Sidebar links to her own related activities. Teachers k-12 for background information and useable graphics; find pages to bookmark for student use grades 3 and up. Topic:government, grades k-6

American Mile Markers at
Photographer Matt Frondorf took a picture at each mile of his journey from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge. Students can retrace his trip, email a picture postcard using any of his photos, or view movies of segments of his trip, although it takes some exploring to locate all of the site sections. Requires Flash 4 for the Picture Viewer section of the site, and QuickTime 4 for the Movies section. Topic: U.S.-geography, grades 5-8

American Presidency at
Articles about recent elections, biographies (including first ladies and candidates), the electoral process, and background of the presidency. For the presidents, also have a quick facts page, portraits, and audio and video clips of speeches. Uses materials from Grolier Encyclopedia and Scholastic. Topic: government, grades 3-8

American States at
Click a state on the map for state facts, cities, counties, relief map, and link to the official state Web site. Note: To return to the U.S. Map, click U.S. States in the leftside menu instead of clicking on Home. Topic: state study, grades 3-8

Arkansas Kids at
Good example of online resource for grades studying their state. Find things to do and places to go. Links to state attractions. Facts to use in reports. Online games and puzzles. Topic: state study (Arkansas), grades 1-8

Art of Me at
Art lesson plan based on reflection about things that are important to the student expressed by symbols. Topic: self, identity, grades 3-8

Ask Asia at
Ad-free site where kids can read stories, play games, explore Asian cultures, arts, languages, geography (maps for kids). Click “teachers” in the upper right to enter a section with background articles, maps, images and lesson plans; all of which can be narrowed by grade span, historical era and/or region. "All material may be duplicated and distributed for classroom use.” Topic: various social studies, grades 3-6

Atlapedia Online at
Full-color physical and political maps, facts, and statistics about countries of the world. Searchable. Teachers can print or download one copy of materials for free with inclusion of a copyright and trademark notice. Lots of ads with ad area not clearly marked. Topic: geography, grades 3 and up

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids at
Ben Franklin teaches how our government works. Select by K-2, 3-5, 6-8. Note that the link “U.S. Government Web Sites for Kids & Students“ in each level links to the same unleveled page. The teacher section has listings of publications and links to other resources. Topic: government, grades k-8

BLS Career Information at
Categorized by subject area under 'jobs for kids who like...', text is simplified from the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Teacher guide links to further information. Topic: careers, grades 4-8

Brain: Our Sense of Self at
This curriculum unit developed by National Institutes of Health consists of a Teacher’s Guide and student online activities. The introduction states three objectives: to introduce students to the key concept that the sense of self, our sense of identity, is contained within the brain.; to develop the understanding that brain function is not predetermined, the brain can change with learning throughout life.; to convey to students the purpose of scientific research. Five lessons: brain functions; regions of the brain; the nervous system; factors that affect learning; our sense of self. Topic: self, identity, grades 7-8

Build A Neighborhood at
Create (with option to print) a neighborhood scene by dragging pictures onto a farm, house, construction site, or castle. Requires Flash. Part of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood site. Good promt for discussion or writing. Topic: community, grades preschool-2

Bullies to Buddies at
Eleven online lessons for anyone who is a victim of teasing or bullying. Teachers can go to the site homepage to access other resources offered by author Izzy Kalman. Topic: self, identity, grades 4-9

Camp Silos at
Facts and activities trace agriculture in Iowa from exploration and prairie farming to the plants and animals on the farm of today and the issues facing farming for the future. Topic: state study (Iowa history), grades 3-8

California's Untold Stories of the Gold Rush at
Tour virtual exhibits from the Oakland Museum of California. Articles. Art. Requires Shockwave. Topic: U.S.-history, grades 4-8

CareerKids at
List of careers from accountant to zookeeper, but you won't find the most familiar such as teacher, doctor, fireman. Readable information given for each includes job description, working conditions and salary, skills and training needed, and related jobs. Topic: careers, grades 4-8

Character Counts at
Information and materials about the Character Counts program, but also selected free teaching tools including lesson plans, printables, and a booklist correlated to the Six Pillars of Character. Topic: teaching social studies, grades 1-8

Character Education at
How-to articles on character education and service learning. Choose Middle School or Elementary (K-5) level Teaching Guides. Discussion questions, writing assignments, student activities, and parent involvement tips. Annotated list of links to recommended web pages with further resources. Topic: teaching social studies, grades k-8

CIA Kids Page at
The Central Intelligence Agency homepage for kids with facts and behind-the-scenes articles. Includes what the CIA is, what people in the CIA do, history, the canine corp, and games. Navigation can be a bit tricky; select k-5 (not really for primary), 6-12, or parent/teacher. grades 4-8

Citizenship Activity at,1,0,0
Fifteen lesson plans for the teacher at the Houghton Mifflin Activity Search site. Most are grades 6-8 but there is one for k-1. Topic: citizenship, grades k-8

The City at
Teaching unit examines characteristics of and influences on a city. Includes careers, history, government, and environment. Has no online student activities. Topic: community, grades 3-6

CNN Student News at
News stories with accompanying teacher resources. Searchable. Topic: current events, grades 4-10 depending on topic

Color Landform Atlas of the United States at
Select a state from the alphabetical list for a relief map, county outline, satellite image, historical (1895), and PostScript map, as well as links to more state information. You will find a few dead links, but the value of the site outweighs this aspect. Topic: state study, grades 3-8

Community Club at
Eight community helpers tell about their work day in easy-to-read photo stories with audio clips. Teacher's guide and a form for making badges. Topic: community, grades k-1

Community Helpers at
Subscribers to can download the Community Helpers book from this page. Loads of teacher helps for using the book. No student activities on the site itself. Topic: community, grade 1

Congress for Kids at
Illustrated text “tour” covers the formation of our government, the constitution, each of the three branches of government and elections. Three pre-quiz pages (scored with feedback) serve to activate prior knowledge. Each page of the tour has a link to a unique accompanying activity. Topic: government, grades 4-8

Economics and Geography Lessons at
Lesson plan for each of 32 children's books includes objectives, vocabulary, teacher background, and instructional activities. Developed by the Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools. Although several activities are specific to Maryland, the lessons can be applied in any state with those particular activities adapted or omitted. Topic: various, grades 1-5

Explore the States at
Click a state on the map for state highlights and brief illustrated articles. Concise and readable. Part of the America’s Story site listed above.Topic: state study, grades 3-6

FactFinder Kids' Corner at
Click on a state for state facts and demographics chart. Online quided United States census quiz. Provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. Topic: state study, grades 4-6

FBI Kids Page at
The About the FBI section is a “Tour“ covering a history of the FBI, what is the FBI, jobs at the FBI. Other sections on Safety, Working Dogs, and Games. Designed for K-5, but the reading level is mostly around grade five. While there are a few pages early elementary students could handle, the site is best used with discussion. Topic: governemnt, grades k-6

Fifty States at
Click a state on the map for a profile with loads of information including state symbols, history, geography, statistics, maps, biographies and more. Also look for your state on lists in the categories of quizzes, maps & flags, trivia, history, population, cities, travel, government. Topic: state study, grades 3-8

50 States Book List at
Bibliography of books for each state. Either the setting of the book is in the state or the author lived/lives in the state. Some include links to author’s webpage. Topic: state study, grades k-5

First Americans at
Created by Karen Martin, a member of the Muscogee Nation, and covering the Dine, Muscogee, Tlingit, Lakota, and Iroquois. Information on tribal history and culture (food, clothing, shelter, and more). Online puzzles and games. Links. Topic: Native Americans, grades 2-6

Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States at
Menu of tribes with flags. For each the symbolism on the flag is explained and some information on the historic and present location of the tribe is given, with a link to the homepage of the tribe (if one exists). Includes background on the collection of the information. Topic: Native Americans,
grades 4-8

Folded Paper Houses at
Printable patterns for making a house and store. Step-by-step directions include suggestions for making the houses look different from each other in building a community. Don't let the ads and other menus keep you from using. Topic: community, grades 1-3

4th & 5th Grade Student Research Resources at
Collections of links to resources with lists for Native Americans, Explorers, Colonies, Revolutionary War, Westward movement, Civil War, Government, and Today in History. Links to sites that provide basic information in an easy-to-understand form and on an appropriate reading level, as well as links to selected other sites that might be considered more challenging. You will find links to documents and articles, quizzes and games. Click on Geography at the bottom for similar lists for world or US geography and maps. Topic: U.S.-history, grades 4-5

History Link at
Directory of sites for world history. Covers cultures/time periods of Africa, Aztec & Mayan, China, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Mythology, Native Americans, Rome, Prehistory, Middle Ages and World War II. Topics include art, biographies, daily life, maps, pictures and research. Both original content and linked sites which are rated for images and content. Good source for royalty free pictures. Some lists available in Spanish, French, German. Topic world history, grades 4 and up

HyperHistory Online at
Shows the events, people and places of world history from 1000 BC to 2000 in timeline and text. Navigation is tricky, so experiment. You can begin by clicking the History button and a time period, which takes you to a master timeline, color-coded by region. In any timeline, you can click links to read more about a topic. Topic world history, grades 5 and up

Imaging The Earth at
Covers map projections, globe and navigation. Activities and a brief overview of maps from clay tablets to mapping space. Topic geography & maps, grades 4-6

Interactives: Historical and Cultural Contexts at
Students figure out when and where an historical event took place by examining primary sources: newspapers, journals, letters, speeches. Then students read the documents for specific purposes in order to answer a set of multiple choice questions. Designed for secondary, but readable and accessible by grades 6-8. Topic: teaching social studies, grades 6-8

Islam For Children at
Discusses Islamic art, festivals, daily life, religious foundations. Glossary of terms and links to other sites. Some British spelling. Good background for current events. Topic culture, grades 3-6

It's My Life at
Interlaces the comments and advice from real students, professionals, and celebrities. Topics and issues related to friends, family, school, their bodies, and emotions. Articles, games and activities. Topic: self, identity, grades 4-7

Kidipede: History for Kids at
Introduces students to the early civilizations of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Africa, China, India, West Asia, Islam, North America, Germany and the Middle Ages. Includes history, government, clothing, food, art, architecture, religion, games, writing, and people. Topic world history, grades 3-8

Kids & Careers at
Text of interviews with twelve people in US and Canada, presented in a question-and-answer format. Topic: careers, grades 4-8

Kidsreads - My Heart Is On the Ground at
Guide to the study of My Heart Is On the Ground by Scholastic includes interview with author Ann Rinaldi. For another perspective see Avoid My Heart Is On the Ground at < > Topic: Native Americans, grades 4-8

Learning to Respect Each Other at
Mini-unit plan based on Martin Luther King speech. Includes activities, discussion questions, vocabulary, evaluation, links for the teacher. Nothing on this site for direct student use. Topic: citizenship, grades 3-6

Lesson Plan: The Civil War at
Outline for planning a unit on the Civil War for upper elementary. A variety of links are given for the teacher to explore in selecting which to use with students. Bibliography of recommended student trade books. Lack of recent update is not a negative as links are active and to respected sources. Topic: U.S.-history, grades 5-8

Lewis & Clark at
Students participate in the expedition in Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark.
Teachers should take time to look through all the related material for more items appropriate for the class. There is the expedition's log, pictures for sites along the way, and classroom lesson plans at < >. Topic: U.S.-history, grades 4 and up

Mayflower Web Pages at
Information related to the Mayflower journey and the Pilgrims. Good background for teachers, and elementary students will be interested in “historical info from the Plimoth Plantation Museum” as well as other specific information. A selection from the Table of Contents opens a separate window on the screen. Topic: U.S.- history, grades 5 and up

Mayflower Web Pages at
Information related to the Mayflower journey and the Pilgrims. Good background for teachers, and elementary students will be interested in “historical info from the Plimoth Plantation Museum” as well as other specific information. A selection from the Table of Contents opens a separate window on the screen. Topic: U.S.- history, grades 5 and up

Michigan Studies Teacher Resources at
An example of how a teacher can construct a fairly simple page with links to state resources and a bibliography of books. Topic: state study, grades 3-7

Middle East Interactive Activities at
Online activities help students learn the location, capital and religion of countries in the Middle East. Lesson ideas from TeachersFirst for geography. Also could be useful for current events. Topic: geography, grades 5-8

Mr. Donn's Ancient History Lesson Plans & Activities at
Both original items and links to units, activities, maps, timelines, clip art, presentations. Materials for both student and teacher use, but grade levels are not given. Includes archaeology, early humans, Africa, Anglo-Saxons, Aztecs, Celts, China, Egypt, Greece, Hebrews, Incas, India, Japan, Kush, Mayas, Mesopotamia, Middle Ages, Mongols, Normans, Phoenicians, Rome, Vikings. Topic: world history, grades 4-8

Multi-Cultural Calendar at
Explores unique ways that a people celebrate their country's holidays and festivals. Entries can include historical background, significance of the holiday, special ways of observing the holiday, recipes for holiday food, local customs. Topic culture, grades 2-6

National Atlas of the United States at
Subject areas of maps include agriculture, biology, boundaries, climate, environment, geology, government, history, mapping, transportation, people, and water. Includes printable and interactive maps, and you can make your own. Searchable. Articles. Provided by the Department of the Interior. Topic: U.S.-geography, grades 2-8

National Geographic Education Guide at
Search National Geographic educational resources with resulting list sorted by: maps, images, articles, games, audio/video, lesson plans (grade levels not shown however). List lesson plans by grade range: k-2, 3-5, 6-8. Also, a professional development section. Topic: teaching social studies, grades k-12

National Museum of the American Indian at
Features an online exhibit exploring and explaining an aspect of American Indian history and life; currently featuring Identity by Design (cultural identity of Native women through their dress). Click on Education in the menu to find the previous feature on code talkers of the World Wars. Archives of previous exhibits. Also podcasts from various museum projects. An attractive uncluttered site, but you’ll need to explore to find all the appropriate resources. Topic: Native Americans, grades 4 and up

Native American Facts for Kids at
A series of fact sheets about American Indian culture in general, and specific tribes. Links to more detailed sites for older students. Book recommendations. Topic: Native Americans, grades 3-7

Native Village at
Native Village Youth and Education News is a free online newsletter published bi-weekly to celebrate American Indian cultures. Website includes articles, links, news archive. Topic: Native Americans, grades 3-8

New York Times Learning Network at
Students read top stories, take a news quiz, ask for more info. Teachers print a daily lesson plan & article for grades 6 and up, or use the News Snapshot for discussing current events with grades 3-5. Lessons are archived. Topic: current events, grades 3 and up

News Snapshot at
Daily printable student sheet with a news photo and guided questions covering who, what, where, when, why and how. Teacher printout includes answers and related web sites. Part of the New York Times Learning Network. Topic: current events, grades 5-8

Newseum at
Thumbnail photos gallery of front pages of newspapers from the US and world. Clicking one shows page enlargement with options to print, read as online pdf, or go to that paper’s website. Other sections include a single page analysis, and archives for significant events. Topic: current events, grades 3 and up

Nile File at
Explore the daily life at home and at school of ordinary Egyptians who lived 5000 to 2000 years ago. Created by the Liverpool Museums in England (with English spellings). Topic: world history, grades 3-6

NystromNet For Teachers at
Map of the Month, articles, links. Select primary or intermediate for lesson plans with activities. Teacher could select from this page and direct older students to an activity to do independently. Topic: geography and maps, grades 1-7

Oregon Trail at
Overview, facts, sites, and diaries. Good tie in for fifth grade curriculum and an excellent supplement if using the Oregon Trail computer program. Topic: U.S.-history, grades 5 and up

Outline Maps at
A selection of outline maps provided by Houghton Mifflin. A community map for primary, U.S. and world maps, and historical maps of the U.S. Permission is given to print or download any of these maps for your use in activities, reports, or stories. Topic: geography and maps, grades 1-8
For similar map collections, teachers should also check

Oyate at
Oyate is an organization dedicated to the accurate depiction of Indian life in literature. Click on "Books to avoid" to find explanations of misperceptions/ bias/ stereotypes in popular books. This site should be used by teachers at the elementary level, but upper elementary students could use the site directly in a study of stereotyping as well as of Native American life. It's valuable information. Topic: Native Americans, grades 3-8

Park Fun Guide at
National Parks are listed alphabetically as links to associated online activities. Puzzles, stories, printables, and games provide tie-ins to other curricular topics: history, careers, Native Americans, science and art. Activities are created by the rangers and scientists, thus occasionally content and skill levels differ.
Topic: U.S.-geography, grades 1-8

PBS Kids Democracy Project at
Interactive activities for students, cross-curricular lesson plans for teachers. Examine the duties of the president, voting procedures and how government affects the daily life of citizens. Online activities designed for grades 3-6. Topic: government, grades2-8

PBS Online - Lewis and Clark at
A great deal of information and activities for teacher and students: the people who went on this trip, the Native Americans encountered, journal excerpts, and an interactive game. Topic: U.S.-history, grades 5 and up

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at
Maps: United States and world, contemporary and historical, as well as thematic. Maps relating to current events are grouped at the top. Links to other map sites. Many maps have copyright allowing downloading and use in the classroom and for school projects; see < >. Topic: geography, grades 3 and up

Postcards from America 50 State Travel Adventure at
Photos and facts from a trip across America seeing all 50 states. Check the gallery collection. Join to receive the weekly postcard free to your e-mail address. Teacher section with suggestions for use in the classroom. Topic: U.S.-geography, grades 3-8

Primary Source Learning at
The Teaching Materials database helps educators quickly find and use primary-source materials from the Library of Congress in lessons in all subject areas. Samples of online activities and student projects help get started. In "My Portfolio" you are invited to create your own primary source-based Learning Experience and share your work with others. Includes professional development materials. Created and updated by practicing educators. Topic: teaching social studies, grades 3 and up

Quest for Respect at
A WebQuest based on the book The Grouchy Ladybug directed to 1st and 2nd graders. The link to find facts about ladybugs is longer in operation, so use this Ladybug Facts page instead. Topic: citizenship, grades 1-2

The Romans in Britain at
Descriptions of Roman life, interesting facts, and a quiz. Topic: world history, grades 3-6

School To Work Lesson Plans and Resources at
Lessons plans about homes and houses by grade level (K-1, 2-3, 4-5. 6) covers types of housing, construction, equipment, architects and other careers. Includes print-ready activities. Topic: careers, grades k-6

Social Studies for Kids at
Subject directory of articles and annotated links to selected sites. Glossary section is a mini-encyclopedia of U.S. and world history with embedded links. Levels are not given, but generally match the placement of the topic in the curriculum. Searchable. Maintained, and a resource for current events. Topic: various, grades 4-8

State Reports at
Choose a state. A well-designed collection of state information and maps gathered from many credited sources. Also ideas for doing a state report. Bee Tip: Don’t miss the Custom Map Maker for do-it-yourself outline state maps. Topic: state study, grades 3-8

State Websites at
Links to selected state sites considered appropriate for elementary students. Access more by choosing “state websites” at the bottom of the Grade 6-8 drop-down menu tab. Topic: state study, grades 3-8

States and Capitals at
Alphabetical list of topics includes a wealth of information from area codes to zip codes. Includes links to state newspapers and directory of schools. Most links are to general sites, not elementary level. Has some details not readily found such as highest point, historical landmarks, state songs. Topic: state study, grades 4 and up

Student News Net at
Formerly PencilNews, this is now a subscription site except for headlines and a brief paragraph for world and U.S. news reports and sports. Subscribe at $35 for year’s access to full stories and more: history, vocabulary words, quiz, and searchable archives. Special section for grades 3-5. Topic: current events, grades 3-8

Teachable Moment Activities for Elementry School Students at
Lesson plans designed to develop critical thinking skills using current issues in the school and community. The two newest added are Respecting Differences for K-2 (when friends disagree), and Listening Well for grades 3-6. Also a corresponding section for middle school (click in the banner menu). Topic: citizenship, grades k-6

Teaching 9-11 at
Classroom resources and lesson plans about the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States. This link is to the lesson plans with categories including K-5 Lesson Plans, Grade 6-8 Lesson Plans, Resources for Educators, or Websites of Lesson Plans - General (ungraded). Click on the page title to go to the homepage with many more topics useful as background information for the teacher or older student. Topic: various, grades 3-8

Teaching Citizenship’s Five Themes at
This Education World article compiles Weekly Reader activities for developing students’ understanding of the five citizenship themes: honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage. Categorized in three levels: k-1, 2-3, 4-6. Topic: citizenship, grades k-6

Teaching State History and Core Knowledge at
Documents show how Texas history can be incorporated into American and World History lessons developed by the Core Knowledge Foundation. These documents can be used as examples of a structure for creating a sequential study of the history of any state. Curriculum planning documents not for direct student use. Topic: state study (Texas), grades k-7

Third Grade Native American Websites at
List of links compiled by The Willows Community School for a grade three theme unit of study on Native Americans. Links are in four groups: General, Plains, Eastern Woodland, Dakota.
Topic: Native Americans, grades 3-6

Town Guide Lesson Plan at
Teacher directions for helping students make an illustrated guide of their town for new students and visitors. Although directed to the teacher, you could adapt the page as a student activity sheet for the older students to use. Topic: community, grades 1-4

Understanding Slavery at
Three sections: overview of slavery around the world, personal story of a slave, and an interactive role-play of a slave auction in antebellum Virginia. ”Teacher Tips” is an excellect teaching guide. Bee Tip: caution - there is nothing that indicates that the top and left sidebar menus both lead outside this site to other sites under the Discovery umbrella. Topic: various social studies, grades 5-8

United Nations CyberSchoolBus at
History and current news about the UN; country statistics; gallery of student art work; video clips from documentaries. Curriculum units on themes including human rights, cities, poverty, indigenous peoples, discrimination, and more. Teachers can order from an online catalog of UN k-12 publications. Searchable. Topic: various social studies, grades 3 and up

US Election Glossary at
Defines 77 terms from "absentee ballot" to "voting machine." An Enchanted Learning section with their subscription and menu information above and below the Glossary. Teachers can explore the accompanying site links related to US Elections. Topic: government, grades 3-7

Using Primary Sources in the Primary Grades. ERIC Digest at
Gives teaching strategies and examples of using objects, diaries, and letters to help students relate to people and events in the past when teaching social studies concepts to younger students. Topic: teaching social studies, grades 1-3

Virtual Reniassance: A Journey Through Time at
Eighth grade students created this site to show what life was like in 15th century Florence, Italy. Topic: world history, grades 6-8

WayBack: U.S. History for Kids at
In-depth age-appropriate exploration of a topic. Currently, the topic is Presidents, with eight previous topics archived. Suggestions to teachers and to parents for classroom or home use. Produced by American Experience, PBS. Topic: U.S.-history, grades 5-8

What Responsibilities Accompany Our Rights?
Text for the student to read with discussion starters. Provided by The Center for Civic Education. Click at bottom for printer-friendly version. Topic: citizenship, grades 5-8

Who is your favorite President? at
Created by a New York fifth grade, this easy to navigate site has biographies of all 43 presidents and other related information on campaigns, elections, and the White House. The site also provides online games and puzzles, selected links to more information and a chance to vote on “Your Favorite President”. Topic: government, grades 4-6

Who's Who and What's What at
Multiple choice quiz published every Monday through Friday based on articles published on The New York Times on the Web. Click a choice with or without getting a hint by reading the article, then click to see if your answers were correct. Part of the New York Times Learning Network, but users do NOT need an online subscription to the New York Times. Topic: current events, grades 5-8

World History Glossary at
Mini-encyclopedia with single page articles covering the who/what/where for Ancient Egypt, Greece, Middle East, Rome. Links. Ads. Topic: world history, grades 4-8

World Wise Schools at
Select lesson plans in the left-side menu by grade (3-5 or 6-8) or region (Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America). No items for students to use directly. Note: Other sections are more relevant to secondary and adult levels. Topic: culture, grades 3-8

You Be The Historian at
Students are guided in using the processes of a historian by studying objects found in the home of the Springer family. They draw conclusions about life in the late 1700s from the evidence. Developed by the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. Topic: U.S.-history, grades 3-8

Your Neighborhood at
Click on a building and meet the community helpers. Each has a further link that may not be elementary. Topic: community, grades k-1

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