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AbilityHub at
Information on all types of adaptive equipment and alternative methods available for accessing computers. This site has not been updated recently so you will find some dead links, but it still valuable as an overview of possibilities. Topic: assistive technology

ActiveAmp Students at
Amputee information about sports, games, toys, legislation, children’s resources. List for resources by state.

Activities for ESL Students at
Puzzles and quizzes for students studying English as a Second Language. Select from teacher submitted in three levels, or use the template to construct your own. A long list of languages is used with English for bilingual quizzes. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner), grades 2 and up

Assistive Technology in K-12 Schools at
Alliance for Technology Access offers information about integrating assistive technology into schools from an explanation of what the teacher should know about assistive technology to tips and best practice articles. Links. Check out the other sections of the ATA site too. Topic: assistive technology

Augmentative and Alternative Communication at
Wide variety of information for people who use augmentative and alternative technologies: vendor directory, webcasts (some for credit), links. Much of the site is resources that can be used directly by those who work with persons of any age who have communication disorders. Maintained by the Barkley AAC Center and the Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation at the University of Nebraska. Topic: assistive technology

Autism Society of America at
Autism facts, information about the Society, and resources. Does not advocate for one viewpoint. No student section. Topic: autism

AutismWeb at
Provides information on diagnosis and treatment, education issues, where to find resources, current news articles related to autism, and an open forum. Designed for parents, but helpful for teachers. Topic: autism

Brain Connection at
Brain teasers designed to help develop brain processing, with something for ages preschool through adult. Other pages on the site have information about the brain and brain research for the teacher. Topic: learning disability

Brain Food at
Brain Food's puzzle collections are billed as "Puzzles For the Brain To Gnaw On." Logi-Number Puzzles, Logic Puzzles, Word Boxes, Word Puzzles, Scrambled Equations, Lateral Thinking Puzzles and Joke Puzzles (groaners). Harder puzzles within a category are marked. Topic: gifted, grades 4-8

Brain Teasers at
These mathematical puzzles require logical thinking. A new Teaser for each level (grades 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8) is posted each Wednesday, along with the previous week's answers. The archives have problems and answers for the three weeks prior to that. “How to Play” suggests a general problem-solving strategy, and some individual Teasers have hints suggesting strategies. Topic: gifted, grades 3-8

Brainteasers, Puzzles & Riddles at
Categorized sets of brainteasers. Click individual answers to check (or if you give up). Note that the Search box under the title searches the entire site, not just this section. Topic: gifted, grades 1-6

Brain Twisters at
TeachersFirst weekly ten-question quiz. Choose elementary or middle school version. Online or printable. Answers are given for the previous week. Topic: gifted, grades 2-8

Closing the Gap at
The definitive souse of information for teachers and parents about technology in special education and rehabilitation covering all aspects of assistive technology. Topic: assistive technology

Council for Exceptional Children at
Covers a variety of special needs including gifted. Includes discussion forums, articles from Teaching Exceptional Children, and information related to the organization. Currently featuring the proposed regulations on modified assessments for NCLB. Searchable. No section for students. Topic: various special needs

Dave's ESL Cafe at
The many forums are the main feature of this virtual meeting place for ESL/EFL students and teachers. The student page also has online resources for reference. “Stuff for Teachers” has job opportunities as well as numerous discussion forums. Go to the bottom of the left-side menu for links. Searchable. Maintained daily. grades 5 and up

Do2Learn at
Information on products for purchase, but a lot of free materials including picture cards, games, songs, and teaching tips. Interesting games about emotions and safety as well as the more common color and number identification. Student can do games independently after initial instruction. Ability level k-3. Topic: learning disability

English Club at
Professional and classroom resources for teachers of English as a Second Language. Although there is a section for older students learning English, a command of the language is needed to navigate the site. Free membership provides access to more areas including forum and chat. Help Desk. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner)

ESL Independent Study Lab at
Links to over 250 annotated sites with activities and resources for ESL/EFL students. The directory is organized by skill area and language level. Students are invited to submit reviews of any site, and these are posted in the directory. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner), grades k-12

ESLgold at
Free materials for both teaching and learning English. Resources are categorized into speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar, vocabulary, business, pronunciation, testing, and idioms. Within categories, activities are organized according to ability level. Quick Links connect the user to many additional online resources. Multiple languages. Searchable. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner), grades 4 and up

EverythingESL at
Resources primarily for elementary teachers: teaching tips, lesson plans and units, downloadable activities, recommendations for materials. An active discussion session where you can post a question or comment on someone else's post. Searchable. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner), grades 1-6

Family Village at
Information about cognitive and other disabilities. "School" gives online resources for adults with a child who has disabilities. “Post Office” has forums. Other sections with inks to information, resources, and opportunities for communication. Topic: various special needs, grades 1-12

Gifted Development Center at
Linda Silverman provides information on understanding and helping gifted individuals, particularly the Visual-Spatial Learner. Searchable. Topic: gifted, grades k-8

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page at
Sections for parents, educators, and kids & teens. Kids section includes reading lists, categorized listing of links, info about contests, magazines, movies, software, toys. Well maintained. Topic: gifted, grades 1-8, Adult

Inclusive Education Resources at
Information, resources, listserv for teachers in an inclusion setting with special needs students in the regular classroom. Created by the J. P. Das Developmental Disabilities Centre with references to United States and Canadian sources. Topic: various special needs, grades 1-12

Internet Picture Dictionary at
Picture dictionary in five languages designed for beginning learners of a second language: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian. Search for a word you enter or browse by either letter or category. Also interactive activities. No audio. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner), grades 1-8

Internet Resources for Special Children at
Directory of sites by categories. Searchable. Covers all types of special needs and all ages. Students would not use this listing directly, but might use one of the sites accessed by the teacher. Topic: various special needs, grades 1-12

Internet TESL Journal at
Monthly online journal for teachers of English as a Second Language. Includes articles, lesson plans, and teaching techniques for teachers of students of any age and ability. Archived since November 1995. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner)

Lanterfish at
For TEFL and ESL teachers who teach elementary and middle school English, ESL and EFL. Printable activities and flashcards to teach alphabet, vocabulary, and structure of the English language. Role-play activities for real world application of lessons. Links. Searchable. Formerly listed as Boggle’s World. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner), grades k-8

LD Online at
Learning Disabilities Information & Resources. Click “Kids” in the left-side menu to access items for students grades 3+. Submit art or writing and see what others have sent. Booklist. Click “Educators” in the menu to access teaching strategies, reports on issues, articles. Several online discussion forums. Topic: learning disability

LD Resources at
Collection of pages and links for product information, articles, and other resources. No student section. Topic: learning disability

Lesson Plans and Class Activities at
Twenty-seven links to collections of lesson plans and resources for ESL. Covers K-12; levels are not differentiated in the brief annotations. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner)

NAGC State Affiliate Association Web Sites at
State level gifted education organizations listed by state giving address and link to homepage if the organization has one. No section for students. Topic: gifted

National Center for Learning Disabilities at
Learn more about disabilities by selecting preschool, k-8, 9&up, parents. Searchable. Current articles about responses to the 2008 Report from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel and ESEA/NCLB reauthorization. Link to new RTI Action Network site about implementing Response to Intervention from preschool to secondary. No section for students. Topic: learning disability

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities at
NICHCY's FAQs, state resources, publications, information on IDEA (including training materials), research, and other topics. In English and Spanish. Searchable. Students (grade 4 and up) choose a category in the section entitled “Zigawhat“ for a list of annotated links. Teachers k-12 choose from the set of Web resource pages in the “A-Z Topic“s section.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder: Autism at
Lengthy discussion of autism includes background description, clinical aspects, and treatment (11 sections). No section for student use. Teachers k-12. Topic: autism

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab at
Free online listening lab is a collection of leveled interactive listening activities with quizzes designed to help learners improve their English listening comprehension skills. Requires a player plug-in such as the free Basic RealPlayer. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner), grades 5 and up

Regulations: Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 at
United States Department of Education has released final regulations for the IDEA reauthorization of 2004. Regulations as printed in the Federal Register on August 14, 2006 can be reviewed in their entirety as a pdf file. grades preschool and up

Royalty-Free Clip Art Collection for Foreign/Second Language Instruction at
Line drawings to illustrate English verbs, adjectives, nouns and pronouns. Clipart bitmap images can be copied and used in instruction. Topic: ESL/ELL (English Language Learner), grades 1-8

Speech and Language Resource Links at
Directory with links to a variety of sites for information articles, organizations, and resources. Topic: various special needs, grades preschool-8

SuperKids Games of Logic and Reasoning at
Games that focus on spatial reasoning and strategy. Not content activities. Topic: gifted,
grades 3 and up

Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age at
Text of the 2002 ASCD book Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age by David Rose and Anne Meyer is made available by The Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST). The book explains the concept and application of Universal Design for Learning (URL), a framework for using technology to accommodate varying learning needs. Topic: various special needs, grades 1 and up

Unwrapping the Gifted at
This blog written by K-12 gifted education specialist Tamara Fisher has been generating comments. She intends to keep this blog through the school year, beginning with the first posting August 14, 2007. Topic: gifted

WheelchairNet: a Virtual Community of People who Care about Wheelchairs at
Site Map outlines the content for efficient navigation. Searchable by keyword also. For wheelchair users of all ages and their families. Topic: physical disability

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