Merry Bee Internet Sites for Middle School Level
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Creating Literacy-Rich Schools for Adolescents at
Selected chapters from this book by Gay Ivey and Douglas Fisher; includes “Interventions and Support for Struggling Adolescents”. Links to related resources.

Electronic Locker at
Learning aids for the middle school student, either original by the district or linked to another site. Online “pages” to fill in and print: note pad, web notes guide, and schedule for the week. Other tools: dictionary, thesaurus, scientific calculator, metric calculator, graphing calculator, bibliography helper. Links to search tools and homework help.

Girl Power! at
Developed by the Department of Health and Human Services “to help encourage and empower 9- to 13-year-old girls to make the most of their lives.” News, activities, health topics, role models, and more. Searchable

Internet Detectives at
An online publication by middle school students who locate, evaluate and annotate Internet sites with the coordination of teachers. Nothing has been added since May, 2003, but most of the links are still active and it is an example for students. grades 5-9

Kim's Korner for Teacher Talk at
Middle school language arts teacher, Kim Steele shares ideas for instruction and classroom management. Searchable. grades 5-9

Middle-L Listserv
Leave the subject link blank.
In the message area enter: SUBSCRIBE MIDDLE-L [your-first-name your-last-name]

MiddleSchool.Net at
Judy Horn, a K-12 training specialist, received backing from ASCD for this site designed to provide support to middle school educators. Sections for curriculum resources, technology resources, school leadership, standards, lesson plans, tutorials, and reference materials.

MiddleWeb at
Read news items, articles and recommended links about curriculum, issues, and professional development. Use materials submitted by other teachers. Sign up for newsletter. Participate in teacher exchange through selecting one of the listservs or the weblog diaries of middle school teachers. Searchable.

This site of the National Middle School Association contains resources, links, research summaries, and information on specific content areas and broader issues.

Pathfinders at
A Pathfinder is a guide to resources that support student learning. These Pathfinders are created for specific units of study that students at Tredyffrin/Eastown Middle School (Pennsylvania) are completing. Each is identified as being for a grade 5-7.

Mini-unit (3 class periods) gives students a structure to preview nonfiction texts. This site is the lesson plan for the teacher, but students would then use materials from the site independently. Includes a link to the February 2002 article(pdf) from The Reading Teacher in which the THIEVES strategy was presented by Suzanne Manz. grades 6-8.

Waunakee Middle School: Internet Links. at
This Wisconsin middle school has created a model library homepage. Examine the section Library & Internet Resources for fiction shelves and nonfiction shelves with links to Internet sites arranged by Dewey numbers. “Class Bookmarks” section has links for 7th grade and 8th grade courses and projects.

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