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Parents will sometimes ask a teacher’s advice about resources. Teachers can suggest some favorite educational and entertaining sites for children, but also can recommend the sites listed here for parent information. Some will have activities at the site that the parent and child can do together.
Be Web Aware at
Designed to help parents guide their children's online experiences. Covers information a parent needs in order to get the most out of the internet, safety issues, and safety tips by age from age 2 to age 17. Developed by Media Awareness Network.

Checkpoints for Progress in Reading and Writing at
Online booklet with developmental expectations and suggestions for age-appropriate things that the parent can do to help the child grow as a reader and writer. Covers birth to grade 12. Archived from publication in February, 1998.

Child & Family WebGuide at
Directory of evaluated sites with articles, research, and expert advice for parents covering parenting, education, child development, health, recreation. Can select topics by age: birth-2, 2-6, 6-13, 13-19. Searchable.

Colorin Colorado For Parents at
Information and practical tips on how Spanish-speaking parents can help their children become successful readers. Click to read in English or Spanish. Appropriate for parents of children grades k-4.

Creative Parents at
Articles, activities, interviews, reviews, resources. A creative site for any parent, but especially for those parents ready for something beyond the basics of parenting.

Especially for Parents at
Articles and resources for parents use in helping their children learn to love reading. Appropriate for parents of children ages toddler through grade 3.

Especially for Parents - at
Information and resources from the Department of Education to help parents to help their child in school. Whatever the age of the child, there is something here.

Family Education Network at
A searchable site with resources for parenting and family information on a wide variety of topics. Lists hot topics and provides access to free newsletters via e-mail. Can select by grade: k-2, 3-5, 6-12.

GT World! for Families and Friends of the Gifted and Talented at
Articles, links, and information on services.

Live and Learn Learning Project at
A number of informative parenting articles on topics from developmentally appropriate activities to safety issues and product selection. A separate Fun Stuff section has games for a toddler through the primary grade child to do with a parent.

Math and Reading Help at
Large collection of original articles for parents. Annotated lists of related articles enable navigation through the wide variety of topics. Ads on each page are consistently placed and labeled. Site is maintained by addition of new articles monthly and updating of articles every few months.

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education (NCPIE) at
Information, activities, and resources designed to develop effective family/school partnerships.

PTA at
National PTA website gives information on current hot topics, meetings, legislation, resources, advocacy.

Taking a Closer Look at
Subtitle: A Guide to Online Resources on Family Involvement. Links to research and information published since 2000, from over 100 national programs. Covers research, general information, programs, tools for parenting, home-school relationships, and parent leadership development. Compiled by the Harvard Family Research Project. .

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