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ABC Mommy And Me at
Agile letter pairs maneuver onto the screen. Click to hear capital in adult voice and lower case in child voice. Click big arrow to go to next or previous letter. Type: mouse & click, preschool-k

Activity Idea Place at
Activities, articles, chat board. Each activity is described in a paragraph and many are illustrated. Activities are indexed in the areas of: animals, seasonal, self concepts, colors, food, months, and miscellaneous, with a section Just For Toddlers (includes 60 activity ideas). Type: teaching preschool, grades preschool

Alfy at
Variety of interactive stories, games, and activities for ages 3-8. Adult will need to identify the pages within the site that are appropriate for the child to do independently, and probably will want to bookmark specific activities. Depending on the activity, the preschooler may need initial supervision to recognize parts of the display screen that are not part of the activity. Type: mouse & click, grades preschool-2

Alphabet Soup at
Thematic units with online and offline activities. The AlphaBites section has lots of ideas for teaching the letters of the alphabet. The kindergarten teacher who created the site uses banner ads to be able to offer all materials free except for a storybook and personalized letters. Teacher/Parent message board. Type: adult led, grades preschool-1

Bear Wear at
Once the adult has set up the game and given the on-screen instructions, then the child who is learning the sound-symbol relationships of letters can click through this game. Requires Macromedia Shockwave. Hint: bring the edges of the browser window in to the edge of the game area. Type: mouse & click, grades preschool-1

Boowa & Kwala at
Over 400 games, song, stories and other activities. Icons indicate to the adult the skill development promoted by the activity and the level of adult participation needed. The child only needs to move the mouse for the simplest games. Additional features for adult and child with free registration for a User Account. Labeled ad sections. You may find yourself in the companion site for ages 6 to 10. Type: adult led, grades preschool-1

Charlie and Lola at
Companion site for British TV series (Disney Channel in US) based on the books by Lauren Child. Child responds to spoken directions for activities by clicking the mouse. Type: mouse & click, grades preschool-1

Chubbie Cubbie's Preschool Activity Ideas at
Alphabetical list of activity themes. Note that a listed title may have more than one activity described under it. Easy-to-read descriptions tell how to prepare and to carry out each activity. All listings in the Site Directory frame at the left lead away from this specific section and back to a main site that is quite commercial. Type: teaching preschool, grades preschool

Cloud Dreamer at
Click-and-drag on dots to create cloud shapes. Type: mouse & click, grades preschool

Crafts for Preschoolers and Kindergartners at
Easy to follow directions for craft projects that include puppets, handprint projects, paper plate objects, and items to make from other easily found materials. Type: teaching preschool, grades preschool-k

Early Childhood Research & Practice at
Peer-reviewed electronic journal published each spring and fall by the Early Childhood and Parenting (ECAP) Collaborative. For parents and teachers, covering the development and education of children from birth through age 8. Type: teaching preschool, grades preschool-3

Everything Preschool at
Themed activities, songs, articles, project ideas, bulletin boards. Searchable. Type: teaching preschool, grades preschool

First-School at
Activities, crafts, lesson plans, printables. Explore by themes and holidays or search by keyword. English and Spanish. Note the "How to use" suggestions on the entry page. Type: teaching preschool, grades preschool-1

FUNBRAIN 6 & under at
Oddball (click which is different) and Pairs could be played by an adult and preschooler. Alphabetize for k. Addition and Vocabulary for grade 1. Measure It is above expectations for this level. Type: adult led, grades preschool-1

Funschool Preschool Activities at
57 games although not all will be appropriate for every preschooler. The adult needs to select an appropriate game and teach some ground rules. (1) Wait when the commercial is playing on the screen. (2) Only click in the game window part of the screen (surrounded by ads). (3) Use the reset and advance buttons. Navigation around this site can be really frustrating. The menu banner above the game window is NOT limited to this preschool level. Type: mouse & click, grades preschool-k

Games for Children Ages 1 to 5 at
Seven colorful games. Each has an “about this activity” button explaining the skills developed by the game. Type: adult led, grades preschool-k, with access to more games for grades 1-3

Good Food Climb at
Nutrition teaching guides include background information and activities. Download reproducible pages and a parent brochure. Materials in English or Spanish. Provided by the growers of Washington state apples.

Hummingbird Educational Resources at
Author Peggy Drake’s resource pages for preschool and kindergarten teachers provide lesson plans, links to online resources, and a forum for posting comments or questions. Type: teaching preschool,
grades: preschool-1

John and El's Bear Time at
Original stories, songs, and poems. Book reviews, coloring pages to print, crafts, (links page is outdated). Bear Time is not being added to currently, but it is an attractive site to explore together with original items you won’t find elsewhere. Use with preschool through grade 1.

Kids' CBC at
A Canadian produced site with contests open to regions in Canada, but activities and games for any preschooler. Type: mouse & click, preschool

Kinder Korner Mailing List at
An active listserv for teachers of Pre-K through 2nd grade with 7,814 members. Type: teaching preschool, grades: preschool-2

Kindersite at
Click on the "Directory" box to access game, song, and story links. Complete the free registration to search by age or type of content and create your own page of favorites that the child can play independently. Linked pages are from Starfall, Kidstime, BBC, ABC Australia and several other sites. Search box near bottom of homepage is for articles and information listings, not activities.
Type: mouse & click, preschool-grade 2

KinderStart at
A search tool for parents and teachers of children birth through age 7. Consists of an indexed subject directory and keyword search engine targeting resources related to young children. Type: teaching preschool

Knowledge Loom: Pre-Kindergarten at
Research basis, policy, and resources in areas of literacy curriculum & instruction, professional development, and the literacy environments. Birth to age 4. Type: teaching preschool

Lil' Fingers Storybooks at
18 online storybooks for an adult and preschooler to click through & talk about, plus a set of single page rhyming stories based on an individual name. Online games, most requiring plugin. Pages to print & color. Type: adult led, grades preschool-2

Littles at
Activity/lesson plans submitted by a teacher or parent. Topical listing includes content areas (alphabet, numbers, health) and process areas (cooperation, imagination, self-awareness). Each plan includes the skill/objective, materials needed, and the procedure. Type: teaching preschool, grades: preschool

Nick Jr. & Parents at
Tucked in with information for the adult are activities for preschoolers: games, stories, printables, cards to send, and offline activities. Type: adult led, grades preschool-2

Pauly's Playhouse at
Alphabet, number and arcade-style games; puzzles, coloring, cartoons. Several activities with a monsters theme. Type: mouse & click, grades: preschool-1

PBS Kids! at
Select a PBS children’s program for arts & crafts, music & movement, or language activities with its characters. While content is mostly appropriate for preschool and kindergarten, young children will need an adult to navigate through the site. Type: adult led, grades preschool-2

Pre-school Ideas at
Games, crafts, classroom management, and ideas for thematic units of study. Type: teaching preschool, grades: preschool

Preschool Activities at
Organized by themes. Online and offline activities. Booklists. Several themes by holiday or season. Type: teaching preschool, grades: preschool-k

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities at
Rhymes, alphabet activities, pages to color online, printables (to color, to make booklets, activity sheets).You will click through to some pages and find that they are for members only, but there’s plenty of free items to keep a child busy for hours. Type: adult led, grades preschool-2

Preschool Education at
Ideas for the preschool classroom: teaching the alphabet and math concepts, thematic topics, reviews, crafts, music, circletime, snacktime. Sign up for a free weekly newsletter or a variety of other mailing lists. Navigation can be tricky as the content you are seeking is in small print with a lot of other text on the page. Type: teaching preschool, grades: preschool-k

Preschool Library at
Fifteen themes, each with a colorful animated online story and a correlated online activity. Audio for story narration and activity directions. For the adult working with the child there are activities to do offline, and a reading list of books on the theme. Type: mouse & click, grades: preschool-k

Preschool Printables at
Select and print: awards and certificates, calendars, planning pages, writing paper, puppets, as well as games and more. A specialized sister site to Preschool Education (above). Type: teaching preschool, grades: preschool-k

Preschool Rainbow at
Activities and lesson plans designed to give preschool children choices. Themes that enrich classroom curriculum include seasons, alphabet, number, five senses, books, and more. Do-at-home activities to suggest to parents. Searchable. Type: teaching preschool, grades: preschool-k

Sesame Street Workshop at
Games, stories, coloring pages, and a variety of activities for preschool; also kindergarten and first grade. Type: adult led

Smart Baby at
Adult will have to scroll down the entry page to the section "Free infant stimulation eFlashcards", select the desired set, and show how to advance the program. After this introduction, the preschooler can work independently on letters or words. A few sets have audio. Type: mouse & click, grades: preschool-k

Teachers.Net - Pre-school at
About 240 lesson plans submitted by teachers. Type: teaching preschool

This Is Daniel Cook at
Daniel's playroom has activities that include creating a story, creating music, drawing, taking a picture, solving a puzzle, or just playing with animated toys. Site is companion to a Canadian television series, but stands alone for preschool play. Type: mouse & click, grades: preschool-k

Webbing Into Literacy at
Designed to provide a program of developmentally appropriate instruction and downloadable resources for Head Start teachers and parents of young children. Type: teaching preschool

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